So we hear about this subversive, treasonous little snot at West Point who’s proudly been parading around his love of Communism and support for everything and anybody who hates the Constitution that he’s sworn to uphold and protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic, the latter category being the one he most definitely belongs to.

And not a single one of the parade ground peacock “officers” at the Point did a damned thing about it?

Excuse the fuck out of us, over?

Let’s not even talk about the little commie shitbird, Rapone, for a minute, that deserves a chapter of it own. What WE want to know is why the everloving fuck is a single one of the useless cucked cowardly FUBARs in “command” at West Point still collecting a paycheck at this point?

They didn’t know? They didn’t know that one of their charges was a proud out and out commie subversive posting his treason on FacePalm and bragging about his being a domestic enemy of the Constitution for years? Have them fucking executed for criminal negligence and incompetence. They didn’t care? Have them fucking executed for criminal and treasonous dereliction of duty.

The. Fucking. End.

COL Schlichter has a great column about the rot at the top of what used to be the most patriotic, effective fighting force in the world, and you should read it, but he doesn’t go quite far enough.

As to Rapone, before any idiots start bleating about “rights”, you need to know that you don’t have any the moment you put on the uniform and raise your right hand. At that point you’ve issued a temporary waiver to those until such time as you leave the service. If that doesn’t suit your pampered, tit-sucking self, then feel free to seek a discharge, slink home with your tail between your legs, ring the bell or whatever the fuck you choose to call it, and your rights will be reinstated effective immediately.

But you can’t fucking have it both ways.

Yes, he should be immediately stripped of his unearned rank and unceremoniously kicked out of the armed forces with a dishonorable discharge, after having served hard time in Leavenworth for conduct unbecoming, of that there can be no doubt, but the same goes for every single motherhumping useless son of a hyena negligent bitch in the chain of command who failed to do THEIR duty while Baby Che was busy pissing all over the honor of our armed forces.

Every single last one of them. Stripped of all rank, privileges and pensions and kicked out with a dishonorable discharge.

Every. Single. Last. One.

And then, ONLY then, might we start thinking about turning our armed forces back into the elite force they used to be.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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