You Take a Week or Two Off…

Well, actually it wasn’t off-time, if only it had been, but it kept me busy and away from the site. And the news, such as it is. We mean, it’s really hard to call any of the sad idiocies appearing in the ProgNaziMedia “news” in any sense of the word, unless immediately preceded by the word “fake.”

And boy have the news ever been stupid, even stupider than usual, which is saying something in this day and age.

The ProgNazis just can’t let go of their Russia bone, which is hardly surprising, considering it is, quite literally, the only thing they have, and what they have is absolutely nothing.

But at least it’s nice to see the Prozi Party choosing America’s side in any affair involving Russia. Or any other nation on this benighted planet.

We still remember how sad and angry they were when their besties, the Ted Kennedy Appreciation Society (or Soviet Union, as it was then known), collapsed. They hadn’t been that nail-spittingly furious since we took their slaves away in 1865 and then, again, in 1964. Unfortunately, in ’64 they’d figured out how to get them back and keep them by giving the plantations new paint jobs and rewriting history, but we digress.

Not quite as funny, though not in the slightest bit unexpected, was the conclusion of the RinoParty’s latest Failure Theater performance where they, once again, refused to honor their promises of the past 8 years or so, claiming, once again, that it just wasn’t possible.

After all, they only control the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate, and who can possibly expect them to prevail with so much arrayed against them… Wait…

Let’s be quite frank here: The GOP is dead to us, and has been for quite some time. But it was never more dead than it is now. It is now glaringly obvious to even the dimmest of the dim that the RINOcons of the GOP never have had and never will have any intentions of doing anything whatsoever to even pretend to do what they promised the people who voted for them, thus providing them with their nice sinecures in Mordor on the Potomac.

Burn the whole thing down and piss in the ashes, we’ve had it now. We’ll vote for any schmuck who comes along provided he or she is neither a “Democrat” or a “Republican”, even if it’s Shaitan himself, because we’ve had it with the Uniparty, and if it comes to true justice one day, and the way they’re carrying on it just might, we’re sure we can find some spare rope that we have no better use for. We hear that they’ve got plenty of trees and utility poles up their in the DC swamp, so we won’t have to bring any of those.

Those filthy Cuckpublicans are nothing but Prozi collaborators, and they’re in dire need of learning just how collaborators are and should be treated.

Spoiler: We treated the surrendering Nazis better than the collaborators once the war was over where we come from, and we weren’t exactly kind to the Nazis, if you get our drift.

Quite logical too. The Nazis were just being what they were, beastly, murderous animals, whereas the collaborators had a choice and chose to betray their own, hence the harsher treatment.

Still wasn’t hard enough, if you ask us.


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July 25, 2017 06:34

Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryno was once again demonstrating his unfitness to be a janitor, let alone the Speaker of the house. He said it isn’t the GOP(e)’s job to defend President Trump.
His cluelessness is stupifying.

On the flip side…. Kid Rock running for Debbie Stabintheback Stabinow’s seat? And apparently leading? (Militiagan I believe)

July 25, 2017 21:35

We’ll vote for any schmuck who comes along provided he or she is neither a “Democrat” or a “Republican”, even if it’s Shaitan himself, because we’ve had it with the Uniparty, I’m tellin’ ya, Misha: we shoulda gone for the Trump/Cthulhu ticket in ’16, and just bypassed this “lesser of two evils” crap entirely. And moved the Capitol to R’lyeh… Read more »

July 26, 2017 10:33

Ironbear @ #:
:em01: :em01:

July 28, 2017 16:02

SJW = SOCIALIST JERK WASTRELS, think about it, 110% covers all of ’em :em05: