Helping Hand for European Rebels?

So, the other day we were reading an article and watching some YouTube videos about the rampant thought policing and repression of free speech in EUnuchistan, people being arrested for having unapproved opinions (because apparently that’s how you say “free speech” in EUnuch), having the po-po show up at their home for having said DoublePlusUngood things on a YouTube vid and so on. By the way, we should add that the latter was made possible by YouTube/Google (Don’t Be Evil, remember that joke?) collaborating with the EUnuch fascist governments, helping them track down the YouTuber.

Which got us to thinking.

Hey! What if somebody, we swear we’re not thinking about anybody in particular, no, not at all, somebody who lived in, say, the US, were to, hypothetically of course, make up an extra email addy and start a YouTube channel and then, completely coincidentally and out of the blue, happen to share the login and password for said YouTube account with some German person? Or French, Dutch, Danish, English or whatever else.

Everything (provided the hypothetical German knew how to use a proxy) associated with that account would lead straight back to our hypothetical U.S. citizen with really piss poor login/password hygiene, wouldn’t it?

And wouldn’t it just be a laff and a ‘arf if, for example, that rancid Stasi cunt, Angela Merkel, were to send a subpoena to a U.S. ISP, demanding information about the identity of some German guy on a YouTube video that got her fetid fuck flaps all tied up in knots?

Just thinking out loud.

We can assure any European readers that any attempt from any EUnuch fascist regime to get any information about YOU guys out of yours truly would be met with derisive laughter and a selection of the most colorful and imaginative invective that His Imperial Majesty knows of, if we bothered to respond at all.


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March 30, 2017 04:32

I was actually threatened once by a British lawyer over a post someone made on my web site. This was a good 15 years ago. He demanded I remove and entry and all the usual British lawyer gunk. I looked at the post, (Since I didn’t remember it), didn’t see any issues with it and said no. He threatened to… Read more »