In other good news, a paleoswinian terrorist sow who somehow managed to lie her way past her “extreme vetting” and obtain U.S. citizenship is now going to be a non-citizen, right before being shipped home to the molesting cave dwellers that she left behind.

A convicted Palestinian terrorist and a key figure of the recent Women’s March will be deported from the United States after accepting a plea bargain that allows her to escape a prison sentence.

Rasmea Odeh will be stripped of her U.S citizenship and forced to leave the country and return to Jordan after failing to disclose to immigration authorities that she had been imprisoned in Israel for committing two terror attacks.

As part of her plea bargain, however, Odeh won’t have to spend time in U.S prison or detention, according to a statement on Thursday by the Rasmea Defense Committee.

That’s a pity. We’d have much preferred her to be shipped home in a body bag. Wrapped in pig skin. But at least the murderous sow won’t be polluting our air anymore, nor will she ever be voting for Hillary! again. OK, who are we kidding? She’ll be voting for Prozis long after she’s dead, even though she’s neither a citizen nor even here. Because Voter ID is fascism, don’t you know? (Proving that every single nation where only citizens can vote, and can only vote once, are fascists, since we’re the only shithole left on the planet who doesn’t require proof).

The terrorist-turned-activist rose to prominence in the US following her involvement with the Women’s March and another recent high-profiel protest, “A Day Without A Woman”.

We’re sure our nation will inevitably collapse now that we have to face “An Eternity Without That Woman”, and we use the term “woman” very loosely here.

In a letter in The Guardian that she co-authored with other activists, Odeh urged women worldwide to join in a “new wave of militant feminist struggle.”

See how well that works out for you in Jordan. Or any other islamic hellhole on the planet. Can we come to your stoning?

But according to the New York Post, Odeh had a secret: she was convicted for her role in two terrorist attacks in Israel, including an attack on an Israeli supermarket in 1969 that killed two students shopping for groceries. She was released from prison in 1980 following a prisoner exchange.

Proving, once again, the value of “prisoner exchanges.” Did the two students magically come back to life after the exchange? No? Then we’d say somebody got screwed on the deal.

Back then, Odeh admitted planting the bomb in the 1969 attack, though in later years she claimed the confession was given under torture. Israeli officials dispute this.

And who would ever take the word of a civilized Jew over that of a savage, barbarian, child-murdering mooselimb?

Despite spending 10 years in prison for terrorism in Israel, she acquired U.S citizenship in 2004 by withholding information about her past.

A muslim lying? Say it ain’t SO! It’s happening so often these days that it’s almost as if they had a word for it like, say, taqqiyah.

She later claimed that post-traumatic stress disorder caused her to lie on her application for citizenship.


On the other hand, considering that Prozi Snowflakes are claiming that you can get PTSD (previously known as “shell shock”, a condition caused by continuous shelling with high explosives or other such life threatening events encountered on battlefields) from getting too many downvotes on your latest Tumblr post, we’re sure she qualifies. PTSD is like Glowbull Wormening. There is nothing it CAN’T do!

Another key organizer of the Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, has repeatedly defended her, tweeting back in 2014 when Odeh was convicted of immigration fraud that year: “Targeting, criminalizing, deporting torture victims like Rasmea Odeh reminds me once again how we lost our way as a nation.”


Declaring contracts entered upon null and void upon the discovery of false information from either party is the first sign that your civilization has hit the crapper.

Wait. Linda Sarsour? Isn’t she the one with deep ties to Ham-ass who is constantly advocating for Sharia law (who was also in that Womyns’ March)? Why yes, yes she is.

Funny company those feminists keep these days. Seems like all of their most devoted allies are in favor of keeping them as chattel and cutting their clits off while they’re pre-pubescents.

Sorry, ladies. His Imperial Majesty is all about making you happy. But if the only way to make you feel truly appreciated is for us to beat you, stone you, rape you and tie you down while we molest your genitals while you’re toddlers, we have to say no. We’re all about indulging your particular kinks since you certainly put up with a lot of ours. Fair’s fair, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

We know. Refusing to saw away at your crotches with dull knives is so very terribly misogynistic of us, but we all have our flaws, don’t we?


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March 28, 2017 04:21

The terrorist-turned-activist rose to prominence in the US following her involvement with the Women’s March and another recent high-profiel protest, “A Day Without A Woman”.

When is the march for “A Lifetime Without Terrorist Womyn” going to be held?

March 28, 2017 14:15

Wait. There was a day without women? I don’t recall going sammich-less.

March 28, 2017 16:22

dasbow @ #:

Wait. There was a day without women? I don’t recall going sammich-less.
It was a day without progressive liberal transgendered womyn, so no, there’s no reason for you to have noticed.