Cucks Continue Cucking, UnCuckvincingly

While the entire Cuckservative wing are busy blaming the Freedom Caucus for the death of the abortion of a shit sandwich Obamacare “repeal” bill (They repealed one word and replaced it with “American”, that was pretty much it), Bill Quick is pointing out a few actual, you know, facts.

Short version: A bill that would actually repeal Obambamcare, the thing that the Cucks desperately keep claiming that they just couldn’t ever have passed, which forced them to “settle” for O’Ryancare instead, actually did pass. A year ago. Both houses. To much fanfare from, you guessed it, O’Ryan, who swore up and down that he’d keep pushing and pushing and pushing it even if Jugears vetoed it, which he of course did.

And then obviously, along with the rest of the Cucks in Congress, got hit on the head with an Axe of Forgetfulness and failed their saving throw when a Republican President was elected, because now, suddenly, the same bill that passed both houses with ease a year ago was no longer a possibility.

Pull the other one, Cucks. It plays “The Internationale”.

But sure. Blame those horrid “unprincipled” Freedom Caucusers for being the only ones actually sticking to the promise that they ran on during the election.

We know, we know. “That’s simply not done!

Now go die, you sick, lying, thieving fucks. Die in a fire. Screaming.


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March 28, 2017 04:15

Eddie Munster is a Beltway Uniparty elitist and has failed. FAILED to comprehend what has been happening the last few election cycles. He needs to go home and play with his Barbie dolls and let the grown up handle things.