Oh Dear! More Cultural Vibrancy and Enrichening on Display

This time from LC & IB Angry Webmaster:

A knife-wielding attacker was shot by armed police in the grounds of Parliament today after pedestrians were mowed down on Westminster Bridge. More than 10 people are said to have been hit by a car on Westminster Bridge after a vehicle described as a ‘4×4’ reportedly drove into pedestrians and cyclists.

A ‘middle-aged Asian’ intruder then managed to break into the grounds of the Houses of Parliament and stabbed a police officer before he was shot, reports suggest.

Once again, in BritSpeak, “Asian” = “wog” or, if you prefer, goat-molesting pedo-prophet worshiper. Granted, there are actual Asian “Asians” in Britain and they’re called “Asians” too, but we’re willing to eat our crown that it wasn’t one of those who decided to go Sudden Jihadi™ on Westminster Bridge.

It’s frowned upon in their culture. They’re civilized, after all.


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March 22, 2017 17:52

I recall a few years ago Michelle Malkin went on a tear about “Asians” in Britain when they meant Pakistani. She, being an actual American of Asian genetic background, was thinking like most Americans. Asia starts around the Philippines, goes through Indonesia and ends around Burma. Once again, Winston Churchill was correct. The English and the Americans are two great… Read more »

March 22, 2017 17:57

Oh, I forgot to mention that recordings of the officer putting the rabid dog down indicate he used the Mozambique Drill.


Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
March 23, 2017 19:19

angrywebmaster @ #:2

“the officer putting the rabid dog down indicate he used the Mozambique Drill

Queen’s Regulations No. 56-9187.12.1(b) require that this term be replaced with the approved language “Colonialist Hate Crime”