Semantics is Fun

Not much new to add to the ongoing saga of how the surveillance, the alleged anonymous leaking of which allowed the ProziMedia to feed upon Prozis’ sudden hysterical fear of Russians everywhere (let’s face it, the Prozis will never forgive the Russians for giving up communism) by making up ever more fantastical stories about President Trump being a puppet of Putin, suddenly never happened now that the shoe’s on the other foot and President Trump is stating “hey, that leaked surveillance you keep bringing up? Maybe putting citizens under surveillance isn’t such a nice thing to do?”.

Old ProziMedia Line: Surveillance of Trump proves he’s Putin’s gay, submissive boyfriend!
New ProziMedia Line: Surveillance of Trump never happened. (But the surveillance that never happened still proves that he’s Putin’s gay, submissive boyfriend!)

You have to admit: It’s fun to watch. It’s even more fun watching so-called “intelligent” pundits trying to square the above circle, succeeding in nothing but making even bigger retards of themselves.

Anyway, semantics.

Since it’s blatantly obvious to anybody who actually lived during the past 8 Damnable Years that the Jugear Administration was spying on damn near everybody, just ask the Senate and members of the press, to name but two groups, the only way to push the “Trump Lied, Narratives DIED!” line now is to claim that he lied unless it can be conclusively proven that Jugears hisself was hiding out in Trump’s closet with a tape recorder and a notepad.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but we don’t recall President Trump saying that at any point.

But it’s not like we haven’t played that game before.

Remember the WMD nonsense back during the “Iraq War for OILLLLL!” and “Bush LIED!”? Sure you do. The more we dug up WMDs or components thereof, the more the goalposts got moved, to the point where the whole charade gave us constant fits of the giggles because it was clear that even if we were to find 120 ICBMs in Saddam’s summer villa, Bush would still have lied because there wasn’t a full gross of them.

So here we are again.

Pass us the popcorn.


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March 20, 2017 04:48

And in other news, The Democrats, rather then being hacked by those #DamnRussianHackers, were probably hacked by their own IT contractors, the #DamnMuslimHackers.