But… He’s Not Supposed to Fight BACK!

We’re sure this confuses the everloving heck out of Prozicrats after decades of “opposition” consisting mainly of Recucklicans unfurling the white banners and assuming the position whenever the Prozis as much as meowed at them.

Color us silly, but we have a distinct feeling that this whole dog and pony show the Prozis are putting on with their stenography pool acting, as per usual, as their wholly owned subsidiaries is not going to work out quite the way they’d envisioned.

In days past, threatening a Republican with investigations and unsourced and unsubstantiated allegations of wrongdoing invariably resulted in said Cuck wetting himself and presenting his belly.

Now, however, it results in threats of investigation right the fuck back, and we all know who has more to hide, don’t we?

No wonder they’re panicking. And yes, they are panicking. An enemy never acts as if he’s panicking unless he’s actually in a panic. At least not an enemy as clumsy and high on his own invincibility after having “fought” an enemy more spineless than the French for ages as the Prozis are.

Pass the popcorn. This is going to be so much fun.

Speaking of things to hide. According to this article, the ever-present RUSSIAN HAXORZ!!1!1!™ are allegedly hacking into Prozi SA chapters, er, “political groups”, demanding hush money for the stuff they’re finding there.

It would certainly be interesting to know which progressive groups were targeted and which ones agreed to pay.

No, John. As you did during the whole email hacking hysteria, you’re once again focusing on the wrong thing here.

It matters not one whit whodunnit, how they dunnit or who they were dunniting it to.

What matters is what they FOUND.

Hopefully the hush money won’t work. There is, as they say, no honor among thieves. We’re banking on that for now.


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March 6, 2017 20:18

I hope they remember Kipling’s warning: Once you pay the Danegeld, you’re never rid of the Dane! On second thought, forget all that. Hush money is fine!

Gonna hafta get more popcorn, won’t I?

Terrapod (@terrapod)
March 6, 2017 21:30

On the phone with Orville’s son regarding popcorn by the semi load, and don’t forget bacon, eggs and scotch. This is shaping up to be a fun ride. In about a week or so the MSM will suddenly quit harping on this wiretap business when they realize that a) it was going on with traceable proof and b) not one… Read more »

LC Xystus
LC Xystus (@xystus)
March 7, 2017 01:31

There is, as they say, no honor among thieves.

It was decades ago, but I seem to recall an earlier proverb that “there is honor even among thieves”–said “honor” actually being a way of protecting one’s racket.

angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)
March 7, 2017 05:32

The MSM, (Mostly Stupid Media) is now so out of it that the same “Journalist” (Hcchh, Patooie), will write something on Monday and then write the exact opposite of what he wrote the next day. And the idiot isn’t writing it as a correction, he’s ignoring the first story altogether, And they wonder why no one believes them any longer?… Read more »