Go join Gab, where free speech is not a bannable offence.

Twitter is more than welcome to go fuck itself with a ten foot perchpole laced with rusty barbed wire and the remains of Lena Dunham’s last panty liner.

There is a wait time, after you sign up, in the meantime, enjoy this small revision of my last post.

In brief

The media and the lunatic left have, from the day President Trump announced he was going to run, attacked and denigrated him.

They are manic in their rabid desire to tear him down, screaming in “rightous outrage” daring to take the Presidency away from the person they had “anointed” as Obamas chosen successor, and since the day he was elected, have lost no opportunity, spared no insult or base allegation to remove him and replace him with someone they feel “is worthy” to take the hallowed seat of their sainted Barack.

There is no decency, no compassion, acting as they have as a pack of bloodthirsty, diseased hyenas, delighted to burn down the forest they live in, anything to destroy this “usurper”, heedless of the fact that their actions may very well serve to destroy the home and freedoms they now abuse with such gutless, psychopathic abandon.

That they have laughed, and sniggered at, and condoned vile accusations and sneers at a ten year old child in their demented desire to bring down the man who dared take the place of their Chosen Successor speaks volumes for their lack of integrity, lack of compassion, and utter absence of any form of humanity.

This is the very same media that giggled and laughed at a film about Presidential assassination that used the face of a sitting President, that screamed and tore viciously at President Bush, once again they have been given free rein to use their “bully pulpit” in what can only be described as a personal vendetta, cheered on by the insane babblings of the useless, vapid, self absorbed denizens of Hollyweird.

The media, both in the USA and overseas, abuse, misuse and debase the very freedoms that allow them to spew their vicious bile and screeching hatred.

They are not worthy of contempt. They are not worthy of reply.

They are sick, demented individuals with a political bias just this side of Stalin and the character of a bloodsoaked guillotines blade.

Rope. Tree. Journalist.

Some assembly required.

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By LCBren

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February 24, 2017 04:42

What we need are some old school reporters. Since the advent of “journalism” and the rise of “Journalism schools”, the quality of the news services, print and broadcast has cratered. They make Josef Goebbels look incompetent. Old school reporters didn’t have collage degrees, more than a few didn’t finish high school. What they could do was write and report what… Read more »

February 25, 2017 10:40

Go join GAB? The system is a closed loop, can’t sign in unless you are already in……odd way to gain membership, eh?!

March 4, 2017 16:39

Hah! I am only number 474748 on the waiting list to join GAB now :em03:
Thanks for the tip Brendan! :em01:

March 4, 2017 17:16

Terrapod @ #:

Hah! I am only number 474748 on the waiting list to join GAB now

Looks like you’re a little bit ahead of me. I’m guessing we should be admitted sometime in the 23rd century.