So… Nothing’s really changed, has it?

Didn’t really think so, we’ve seen pussies on the “right” being pussies for longer than we care to remember, but for a short while it looked like the pussies might have figured out the combination lock on the jar in which their mommies keep their testicles.

Alas, it was not to be.


Oh, it’s about Milo.

No, we haven’t read through all of the hysteria and overreaction, nor have we listened all the way through the recording of his words with a finger on the pause button and Webster’s next to us, and we for damn sure isn’t going to go by anything “quoted” by the ProziMedia and their lapdogs, but from where we sit it looks like Milo made an off-hand joke about his blowjob technique having vastly improved thanks to a member of the clergy when he was 14.

Fast forward to after the ProziMedia had had time to organize a concerted blitz (socialists never act without planning) and this off-hand joke is now “proof” that Milo is a pedophile. No information as to whether he eats at Comet Ping Pong or not, though.

What. The fuck. Over?

So his book deal is off, CuckPAC disinvited him (not that we ever figured out why the Cucks invited him in the first place, so not much of a loss) and Breitbart “resigned” him.

Over a joke that would barely raise an eyebrow in Europe which, might we add?, is where he comes from.

Is it tasteless? You better believe it is! It’s utterly tasteless, which is sort of the point with jokes like that. Of course, that kind of humour died around the same time as Monty Python, but some of us remember it still. You know, back when nothing was sacred and jokes sometimes made you go “whoa!” as well as make you laugh. Unlike now where we have to have idiots pushing the button on the “LAUGH!” box in order for us to know where the punchline might be hiding.

You want to hear a funny from Over There? “Quit making fun of the Holocaust. My granddad died in the camps. Wait for pause and ‘oh I’m so sorry’. Yeah, he fell out of a guard tower and broke his neck.” And that one’s from post WWII Europe where even being suspected of being a Nazi could get you put away for quite a while. Of course, the jokester in that case would, by the standards of today’s Pussified States of America, be the equal of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Josef Mengele, rolled into one. And if anybody had accused the jokester of that, he’d have kicked the offender in the arse so hard he’d be able to clip his toenails with his teeth.

Sure it’s tasteless. It’s disgustingly tasteless. And that’s the point!

You know what adults do when they find a joke tasteless? They tell the jokester that he isn’t all that funny or, if he’s really obnoxious, punch him in the nose. To a comedian and provocateur like Milo, just not laughing is more than punishment enough. You’ll never hear another joke like that again from him because getting laughs is what he does for a living.

You know what adults DON’T do? Behave like fascists on a hunt, casting about blood libels and burning down everything in their wake.

Meanwhile, adults with a set do NOT cave in to the fascists.

But we’re short on adults, it would seem.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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February 22, 2017 01:33

I have a lot to say about this attempted lynching of Milo, but I think you’ll really, really enjoy his press conference, Mish. Milo, take him for all in all, is a brilliant, fierce young man. Yes, his sex life is @!@$!@#$!@, but hey. Jesus ate with tax collectors and prostitutes. Watch his press conference today if you want to… Read more »

February 22, 2017 01:46

Oh, he also said in his presser that several other entities have already reached out to be the publisher of his book, “Dangerous.”

Oh, and by the way — his cowardly Leftoid publishers, Simon & Schuster, have actually published SEVERAL PRO-pedophile authors. So there’s that. Just a Fun Fact to Know and Tell. :em01:

February 22, 2017 04:27

Didn’t I read something about SImon and Stupid now hiring eidtors who will make sure books are “Socialy” acceptable? In other words. no evilbadnotgoodwrongthink.

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher
February 22, 2017 19:31

It appears that the video that has the Cucks clutching their pearls and having the vapors is a year old and has just been edited by the ever so helpful Tranzis. They took out the part where he correctly defines pedophilia and says that it is a very BAD THING.

February 22, 2017 19:53

I found a lovely blog recently, The blogger, a medievalist, has written some wonderful posts about Milo as well as this interesting article,

LC Xystus
February 23, 2017 06:54

This is the first time I’ve heard that the remark in question was a joke. :em03:

February 23, 2017 19:32

Milo has a quiet dignity I admire…and courage beyond measure. He wont let this slow him down…and that is as it should be. 🙂

LC MuscleDaddy
February 24, 2017 19:12

If you were to listen to the whole interview, you’d find that he sounds/acts like so many other adult victims of child molestation: . 1) He tries to make light of it and/or otherwise brush it off. 2) He tries to make it seem like he was a willing participant – taking back his Control retroactively. 3) When pressed, he… Read more »

single stack
single stack
February 24, 2017 19:41

I just watched Milo’s press conference. (thanks Tallulah)
I’ve been a fan of his for some time. This made me like him even more. We need more warriors like him.

Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R
Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R
February 25, 2017 13:48

Gallows humor is sometimes used to help us try to make sense out of something that doesn’t make sense. When the Challenger exploded, the crassest, sickest, and most perverted “joke” to come out of it was: Say, did you hear that all of the Challenger astronauts had blue eyes? No, really? Yeah, one ‘blue’ that way; one ‘blue’ the other… Read more »