Or the “Prozi Pussies”, as we like to call them. And it’s a thing of beauty that you ought to savor. A few clips, but you really, really need to read all of it:

I know you believe your “progressive” views are the supreme moral authority on every single issue and somehow this perception allows you to justify your totalitarian social views and hypocritical violent outbursts. You profess to hate half this country for their alleged bigotry while carrying signs that say “Love Wins!”

I also know you’re a coward.

I know this because you keep screaming, and blogging, and protesting, and even rioting… but you won’t start this “uprising” you keep going on and on about. If you really believe that your cause is just, that the majority supports you, and that the United States needs to be overthrown to make way for your Progressive social utopia of sunshine and free shit… pick up a gun and start your revolution like every other communist group in history.

See, I come from an organization that spent the better part of the last century training to fight a bunch of little commie heathens, and I have a pretty healthy respect for any Ivan who was willing to pick up an AK47 and parachute onto the continent ready to overthrow the USA. That takes some guts. You’re not like him though. You’re quite different actually. Ivan was in shape. You’re a bunch of ‘fat acceptance’ advocates who complain airline seats are too small for your 9,000 calories per day diet. Ivan was a proud masculine man. You have drag queens and fat feminist women with green hair. Ivan grew up mining coal and hunting wolves in the Urals. You want socialism because you’re upset that you can’t get a 6-figure job at age 24 with the bullshit arts degree you spent all that loan money on and haven’t done a day of physical labor in your life. Ivan was a veteran of Stalingrad, Afghanistan, and a dozen bush wars.

And that grunt actually fought.

We’re of the same generation, but the worst we ever faced were paper cuts. Still, we knew that we were only hours away from being issued a rifle and thrown into the meat grinder, had the balloon ever gone up. We remember those days, and we remember just as well that we respected Ivan. Because Ivan was badass. Ivan was trouble, and our only hope if he decided to throw in for all of the marbles was that he’d run out of warm bodies to throw at us before we ran out of ammo, and we knew that if things didn’t turn out that way, our life expectancy would shift from years to minutes.

And that’s why we can’t take the idiotic millennial Prozi fucks seriously. Well, one of the reasons, anyway. They don’t scare us. Ivan did.

They irritate us, and they annoy us, but they don’t scare us, because they don’t have the balls to step on a spider. They’re all hat and no cattle, and we’d really love for them to just shut up and go home and quit wasting everybody’s time.

You Prozi millennial cunts are nothing but spoiled brats throwing a tissy in a candy store. You’re pointless twats writing checks with your alligator mouths that your hummingbird arses can’t hope to cash.

You wouldn’t be able to finish a standard obstacle course carrying nothing but your underwear in anything less than “the time from now until the heat death of the universe”, you wouldn’t be able to hit the inside of a barn with an MG3 and a full belt of ammo. If you were starving to death and we threw you a raw fish, you’d die because it didn’t have cooking instructions stamped on the scales. The worst challenge you ever faced was when your daddy’s credit card was declined at Starbucks.

When we got put on full alert because trouble were brewing east of the Iron Curtain, we grabbed our maintenance kit and made sure our weapons were in working order, put on our gear and kissed our families goodbye in the middle of the night. When YOU get “triggered” by somebody uttering a word that makes you “uncomfortable”, you run for your safe spaces looking for your puppies, Play-Doh and demand government-subsidized therapy.

And you say you want a revolution? Who the fuck is going to fight it for you, you pathetic, whiny, screaming babies? Because you sure as fuck don’t qualify. Our Heirs could take you out with their My First Rifle™ when they were 6.

As the author of the article linked says: Shit or get the fuck off the pot.

Because you’re not impressing anybody.

For decades, thanks to the limp-wristed “enforcement” of Cuck and Prozi administrations, you’ve been allowed to commit rape, arson, assault in your “mostly peaceful protests” without consequence, thus encouraging you to escalate beyond reason. Because, as with all other toddlers, if you don’t have a functional parent setting limits for you, it only encourages you to go further.

That’s about to stop.

Don’t get us wrong. We fully support and will fight and die for your right to exercise your First Amendment right to “peaceably assemble”, no matter how idiotic we may, personally, find your grievance to be. That doesn’t matter. We don’t get to judge what you can protest under the Constitution that we’re sworn and honor bound to protect, you can gather a billion people to protest headwinds when you’re riding a bicycle if you like, that’s your RIGHT, but you need to keep in mind what the Constitution that you always call upon to protect you actually says.

And the word you’re missing is “peaceably”.

Smashing storefronts, burning cars, setting people’s hair on fire, throwing urine, feces and rocks at law enforcement, we could go on, is NOT “peaceable.”

The protections of the First Amendment which we, and millions like us, are sworn until death to protect, do not cover that sort of behavior.

As a matter of fact, our oath does the exact opposite. We are sworn, upon our lives and honor, to protect and defend the Constitution that you are gleefully and ignorantly violating, against all enemies, foreign AND domestic and, as the author of the article we linked to helpfully points out, by behaving like you do, YOU ARE DOMESTIC ENEMIES OF THE CONSTITUTION.

Sorry for the all caps, we hate it, but it’s really, really important.

What that means is that we are not only authorized but obligated to kill every last motherfucking one of you if the order to do so comes down from a legitimate authority.

That really ought to give you pause. It does us, because we really, REALLY don’t want it to come to that. You’re dumb, you’re useless, what you really need is a good spanking, but you don’t deserve to die. You’re just ignorant. We have hopes that you might one day wake up like we did. You deserve that chance, no matter how dimwitted you are, we just want, need you to know that you’re treading a very thin line here. And you don’t stand a chance.

No amount of morbidly obese, green-haired third wave feminists are going to stop an FMJ bullet fired by people who know how to use a rifle.

Just. Please. Stop.

Unless you really want a violent revolution, in which case bring it.

You don’t scare us.

You should be scared of us.

And the fact that you might not be makes us wonder just how retarded you are.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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January 23, 2017 07:46

Nothing to say. You’ve said it all. I just want to follow the comments. 🙂

January 23, 2017 14:10

No amount of morbidly obese, green-haired third wave feminists are going to stop an FMJ bullet fired by people who know how to use a rifle well, having seen some of those up close, i’m fairly certain that, *if* you were to line enough of them up in a row, they would eventually stop a bullet, even one from my… Read more »

LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret
LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret
January 23, 2017 15:28

And the fact that you might not be makes us wonder just how retarded you are.

Rhetorical statement right? I think we all know how retarded they are since they prove it EVERY FUCKING DAY!

January 23, 2017 17:50

Prose from a brother, with sagacity, wit and absolute truth upon which to ride. I bid you young folks pay close attention to those few, the ones in black with kaffyehs wound around their faces and backpacks, those 1 in 100 in the crowds who are the paid agitators, the ones trained by the left and funded by the Hungarian… Read more »

Retired Spook
Retired Spook
January 23, 2017 19:30

A very wise man once opined that you should never mess with an old man who came of age in a job where most of the practitioners of it die young. He’s either very careful, very lucky, or very good. And you’d rather not find out which.

January 23, 2017 21:34

your feel good story of the day, as seen at AoSHQ

3 jihadis, 1 bullet


January 23, 2017 21:37

speaking of which, we have GOT to get some glass for my wife’s AR-30A1 in 338 Lapua… think we could use the same optics on her Barrett M-99 in 416? :em03:

any suggestions or advice gratefully appreciated.

Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery
January 23, 2017 22:17

one of them got shot this weekend in Seattle. The anarchists came out to protest a Milo Yannopoulis speech at the University of Washington, they surrounded and beat the crap out of a high school student who was there with his Dad to hear the speech. The one that got shot is being described by the media propagandists as a… Read more »

LC Proud Infidel
LC Proud Infidel
January 24, 2017 21:05

JUST WHAT are those PROGLODYTES? Are they anything other than bedwetting, thumbsucking booger-eating candyassed snowflake Sparkle Ponies that have never earned a damn thing in this life demanding the fruits of other people’s labor while calling themselves “victims”? I say “FUCK ‘EM ALL to death up the ass sideways with twenty miles of rusty tangled barbed wire wrapped in asbestos… Read more »

LC Proud Infidel
LC Proud Infidel
January 24, 2017 21:12

Retired Spook @ #:

LC Proud Infidel
LC Proud Infidel
January 24, 2017 21:18

I say DITTO to the Old Grunt’s statement, I was AD Army in the early 90’s, came back in after a nine year break in service and did two tours in the Middle East afterward. The pisspants bedwetting booger-munching asswipe proglodyte howling flower monkeys just need to have their welfare checks halted to make them either find a legit source… Read more »

January 25, 2017 22:34

Well, this is great: In PORTLAND, the natives are actually CHEERING the riot police who came to round up the leftwing asshats and throw them in the HOOSEGOW. Said Asshats were blocking traffic and shouting obscenities, etc.