An Imperial Reversal of Opinion

You all well know how your beloved (right? RIGHT????) Emperor feels about flag burnings.

And then we saw this over at Treacher’s place:


Oh dear G-d, help us. Our Imperial, principled resolve is weakening. Must say it, MUST SAY IT:

All burning of Old Glory is wrong, no ex… no exce… NO EXCEPTIONS, dammit!

There, we said it.

(Could we call it a “mercy killing” in this case?)


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The proper disposal of a flag that is torn, worn, damaged or soiled is to burn it without ceremony. That there flag is pooped on.Go ahead and use your fuel of choice to get it all set to ash.

As I said: I support flag burning as long as the flag is wrapped around a Leftist before being lit. That guy is even kind enough to be self wrapping.

Just add lighter fluid and a match.

L.C. Mope
L.C. Mope

I have no idea why they just don’t call it “inciting a roit” and be done with it.