Last Gasps From a Dying Class

From Bill. Here’s Kevin “Fuck Poor People. Die already!” Williamson:

I do not agree with Donald Trump about much of anything. Early in the primary season, I wrote a little book titled “The Case against Trump.”

When you weren’t busy telling the working class worried about their jobs being taken over by illegal immigrants or exported to China to “just die already, you filthy peasants”, that is. Yes, we remember. And we’ll never forget.

I believe him to be morally unfit and intellectually unprepared for the office to which he has been elected. Which is why one of the most annoying of my tasks for the next four (one assumes!) years is going to be pointing out that while Trump may not be right about very much, his critics often are wrong.

It doesn’t really matter what you “believe”, Kevin. At this point, what difference does it make? And it matters even less what “annoys” you, since you no longer speak for anybody who matters.

Oh sure, we too thought that he wasn’t prepared for what was ahead, we too thought he was just pulling a PR stunt and we too were wrong. Unlike others, like Bill, who saw what was coming way back before it was cool to think so.

But we, unlike you, never once disagreed with anything that he said. Sure, we were also very quick to jump the gun and be convinced that he’d gone too far and that he’d crapped his bed irreparably, we’re not trying to rewrite history here and we were, undeniably, wrong about that. But we also didn’t catch the vapors every time he gored a holy cow, because he never gored a holy cow that wasn’t in dire need of goring.

We just made the mistake of thinking that his approach could never transform into a victory. That was our flaw. We fucked up there, and we’re making no excuses for it. To the extent that we criticized his statements, and we did, it was because we thought that he was pitching into the ProgNazis’ wheelhouse, thus making it easier for Hitlary to win the election, a fate worse than death. We didn’t criticize him because he was wrong, we criticized him because we thought he was making it easier for the enemy to win.

We underestimated him and, we’re ashamed to admit, we underestimated our fellow citizens and their ability to see through all of the bullshit.

But he was never wrong.

When he stated that illegal immigrants in many cases represented the very worst of people living here, he was right.

When he stated that we needed to stop immigration from koranimal countries until we could properly sort the wheat from the chaff, he was right.

When he stated that “free trade” is only a good idea when both sides get something out of it, he was right.

When he stated that we might want to examine just where our interests conflict with those of Russia’s before we start WWIV, he was right.

OUR mistake was to think that our fellow citizens had gotten too dumb and indoctrinated by the ProgNaziMedia to see that, and we owe our fellow citizens an apology for that. You have it.

You, Kevin, on the other hand, fought him tooth and nail and tried, together with your fellow cucks, as hard as you could to make Hitlary win and thus ensure at least another four years, and most likely more, of ProgNazi rule and brainwashing. Sure, you coached it nicely in statements like “it won’t matter anyway because she’s going to win regardless”, but that’s where it got funny, though not really funny if you are a cuck.

It didn’t matter. You were right, for once, about that.

But not because your endless efforts to ensure a Hitlary landslide succeeded, but because in spite of that, she lost anyway.

The only irrelevance you’ve proven this election is your own.

We hope you enjoy it, Kevin. You can always spend the waning years of your now wholly irrelevant life muttering angrily about those damnable peasants who refused to listen to their betters.

And then you can pass on into obscurity, where you belong.

You won’t be missed.


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November 21, 2016 15:57

I must differ on a couple of points. First, a Constitutional conservative seeks men with demonstrated Constitutional principles that we can rely on to govern in accordance with them. Trump, from that perspective, is dubious. He’s “more conservative” than Clinton, to be sure, but if he hews to firm Constitutional principles, why did he advocate raising the federally mandated minimum… Read more »

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher
November 21, 2016 17:16

First, just who the fuck is Kevin Williamson?
I don’t trust Chump, he was a Demonrat for way too long and has been in favor of scary black rifle bans. Yes some people do change their attitudes a they learn things and there is a slim chance he won’t completely fuck over the USA.

November 22, 2016 11:43

Emperor Misha I @ #: It’s sort of funny that most anti-HRC folks say this, (that nobody should be above criticism, especially a president) and then we have to listen the msm wailing about how dissent is being quashed and how dare we not want our Messiah (their seeming view of how we see him, not ours) criticized. And of… Read more »