Still Wondering Why You Lost, Proggies?

We know that you’re never ever going to listen to it coming from us, so here it is from one of your own kind:

This man is dangerous. Let’s hope the ProgNazis never listen to him, because they’re so much more fun when they lose.


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As if any of them,.anywhere, even now, will listen,

Denial isnt just a river in Egypt, but it is where they live and always will.

Deaf ears.


What scares me is that this guy, besides understanding why President-Elect Trump, (I love saying that), is that he still supports what the left wants.
Obviously intelligent yest still wants to be a slave.

Now that’s the socialist sh*t weasel lib logic I have heard yelled from the middle of the crowd at a little gathering of the BLM. He’d lead the lemmings right off the cliff ,alright. That Brit is off the rails Here’s Bernie bemoaning his fate. So don’t melt any more of your brain cells then necessary and go to 1:50… Read more »


I learned a new acronym this morning from Day by Day.


Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder
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