Thanks to LC Mopester, we have this snapshot from a Trump Rally:


To those of you younger Rotties, that shirt was part of the official Rottie Swag Line years back and, we have to say, it makes us more than a bit sentimental to see that they’re still around and being used, and used very appropriately. Even back then we could not in our wildest dreams have imagined just how thoroughly corrupt and worthy of a good hanging the “media” would become.

Thank you, unknown Rottie LC, and thanks to LC Mope too!

You made our day!


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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L.C. Mope
November 7, 2016 06:23

Emperor Misha I, lord of all the known Universe, and outlying counties, master of the invective of a thousand barbed wired camel farts, procurer of the wrath of millions of social justice warriors bent on triggering, protector of The Safe Space™ with things that go bang, cultivator of the manufactured Glowbull Worming Offset, profiteer of the electron universe (and outlying… Read more »

L.C. Mope
November 7, 2016 06:41

Your Vileness, it is my duty to report a “triggering” of the usual suspects. They seem to be all verklempt about your Artwork.

You might want to consider another printing. That T shirt has to be almost 15 years old. Probably smells like Helen Thomas by now.

November 7, 2016 16:46

L.C. Mope @ #:
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