Today’s Clueless Moment

Mona Charen, at Townhall:

If [Hillary!] wins (a bigger “if” today than a week ago), it will be due only to the Republican Party’s suicidal decision to nominate and support a pathological narcissist/con man — a figure utterly outside the parameters of acceptability for public office. Any public office.

No, you dolt. The “Republican” Party didn’t nominate jack shit. We the People did. And that is exactly what chafes your labia, isn’t it? Your “Republican” Party had it all prepared, it was all lined up for Jeb!, yet another spineless, bloodless, surrender monkey dynast who could keep the gravy train running for the Imperial Class of DC while barely even pretending to give a shit about the voters he would have been elected to represent.

And then the People happened. Those filty, ignorant, slack-jawed yokels whose sole job is to nominate whomever the Party tells them to nominate, those pathetic, gullible Dirt People who always kept the graft flowing to the Cloud People’s pockets. Those “irresponsible” troglodytes finally caught on to your game. They had been watching, year after endless year, how the “Republican” Party’s only seeming enemy was them, the people without whom slimy, lying, corrupt swine like Paul Ryan wouldn’t even have a job.

They had been watching, year after endless year, how every single “battle” fought by the “Republican” Party was nothing but a carefully choreographed dance leading up to the inevitable surrender and betrayal.

And they’d finally had enough. At long last they had somebody who actually sounded like he gave a good shit about their situation instead of the Ruling Class’ need for cheap slave labor, and it got their attention.

Then they witnessed the synchronized assault on this candidate from the “Republican” Party, an assault so vicious that, had the Cucks of the GOP ever mustered half the energy against the ProgNazi Party, they could have ensured that Obumfuck’s presidency would have lasted no more than a few weeks, if he’d ever been elected at all.

Through this, everything that the Dirt People, those who call themselves Americans finally realized that what they’d suspected for so long was, in fact, true. That there was no longer any party for them. That our alleged two party system had become one disgusting, cynical, corrupt UniParty who simply took turns raping everyday Americans’ wallets, beliefs, culture and values.

The “Republican” Party didn’t nominate anybody. And, G-d willing, they will never ever be in a position to do so ever again.


UPDATE: Also read the Z Man:

After liberation, French women guilty of “collaboration horizontale” were dragged into the street to have their heads shaved. It was punishment for betrayal of their people. The Dutch did the same, but they also sent their collaborators to work camps in New Guinea. Many were simply shot, of course. Immediately after the liberation, almost 200.000 Dutch citizens were interned in camps and prisons and put on trial. Sadly, this is not what awaits the traitors of NeverTrump, but at some level they know they will never be “us” again.

Oh, we’re not so sure about that. We’ve got a nice pair of shears and we know how to use them. And we’re not even in the slightest reluctant to do so.

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November 5, 2016 21:18

Hillbilly & co have just crossed over to the ’72 Hour Zone’, where all their little clockwork ministrations collide. Even David Chappelle sees a train wreck a commin’. The comedian stated that Trump’s resilience in the face of the leak had impressed him. Comparing Trump to The Terminator, Chappelle said, “That would have devastated anybody else.” Chappelle added that Trump’s… Read more »

November 6, 2016 04:46

I read that the Secret Service yanked Trump off the stage due to a potential assassination attempt. He came back on a few minutes later.
Felonia von Pantsuit had an weather issue. She was last seen fleeing the stage screaming “I’m Melting!!”