Well, Well, Well… That Settles it, Then…

After all, the geniuses (just ask them, they’ll tell you!) over at FiveThirtyEight had this to say:


Sooooo… er, that’s it, then?


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November 3, 2016 04:19

Oh, that’s right. there’s a world series isn’t there?

November 3, 2016 04:55

Wait! I have to consult Nostradamus on this one, too close to call Sire.

Ah, OK then, not the end of times yet, so we can breathe easier.

And yes, Trump by 8 points according to the crow entrails and coffee cup readings.

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher
November 4, 2016 18:53

Over at primarymodel.com the prediction is 87% for a Chump win. He has a pretty impressive record of accuracy.

November 4, 2016 21:38

From your mouth to G-d’s ears! Trump will probably be a train wreck as a president, but The Shrew will definitely be a disaster, and one for sale to the highest bidder. Better to go with the amateur clusterfuck, versus the professional one.

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
November 5, 2016 18:20

Emperor Misha I @ #:5

If you prefer certain disaster, then by all means choose to let your principles steer this nation to civil war.

Civil war is likely an inevitability at this point. Too many groups in the country cannot stand each other.

L.C. Mope
L.C. Mope
November 6, 2016 13:05

Lemme see if I can drop this here…..

I thought you might get a tingle up your legs.

L.C. Mope
L.C. Mope
November 6, 2016 13:10

Let’s try that again.
Spotted at a Trump rally….