This is Most Likely From the Nutjob Zone

Because there’ll always be those eager to cook up just about anything to get their 15 minutes of, we don’t know, spike in traffic? #Twatterfollowers?

Still, it gives us something to raise our eyebrows at. Thanks to Vox (who ALSO reserves judgment as to the veracity), as well as Bill.

Two key quotes:

“The FBI has evidence to put Hillary Clinton and her crew away for life.”
“What’s in the emails is staggering, and as a father it turned my stomach. There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to WikiLeaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

It certainly would go a long ways towards explaining the FBI’s sudden turnaround. If this is even remotely true, there’d be no way they could just sweep that under the rug as well.

But we still thinks it smells. We’ll see, we suppose.

Regardless, this one is still funny: (Thanks, Patterico!)




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It must have been pretty serious, to make the NYPD turn it over to the FBI. And if they can keep the Clinton buddies away from it, it just might make it all worthwhile, to see it bring down ALL the Clintons.


While I wish this is true. (And hope it is true), I must take all this with a truckload of salt. It needs to be better sourced with on the record quotes.

If it is all true, Will we be playing a game of “Name the political party” when they start making arrests?

I’d love to see a block of emails from Harry Reid or Nancy Pants or maybe 0bumbles very, very BlackBarry, or, or The Emanuel Brothers Inc.®™ here in Chi- town, Podesta


The funniest part about Weiner’s impending suicide would be the tools at CNN trying not to look guilty and unconvincing as they say there’s no evidence that Hillary! was involved.

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher

Word is weinerboy has checked himself into a secure clinic in an undisclosed location for sex addiction treatment. Likewise Huma is nowhere to be found. Also from RUMINT, both have rolled on Killery. Things will get interesting, in the Chinese sense, for the Demonrats if true.