Stray Thought

Having watched, with a great deal of disgust (though we can’t say surprise anymore), the spectacle of #NeverTrumpTards howling about the “racism” of Trump pointing out that maybe a La Raza “judge” (even #NeverTrumpTards ought to know that “raza” means “race”, at least if they have enough brain cells to use a dictionary) might be biased against him, we have to wonder:

Would a Jew in Nazi Germany questioning the objectivity and neutrality of a Reichsgerichtsrat also be a “racist”, then?

Obviously, to #NeverTrumpTards, the answer should be obvious.

As much on the fence as we were about Trump, and we were very, very much on the fence, the more we start seeing the true colors of his enemies, the more we like him.

And seriously, #NeverTrumpTards, brown really isn’t your color. Not to mention you suck at goose-stepping. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Fuck you. War.


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June 9, 2016 12:46

Shall we ready the Imperial Impalement Fields, milord?

June 11, 2016 09:49

Ironbear @ #:

Shall we ready the Imperial Impalement Fields, milord?

No need. Just call this guy and let him deal with it.

June 12, 2016 00:26

Just a question: is Mexican a “race,” Paul Lickspittle Ryan? just asking…. Trump really does have all the right enemies. I think my brother was right about him. And I can’t shake the awful memory of Cruz scolding Trump for the behavior of LEFTWING thugs at Trump’s rallies — man, that was a serious “tell.” From that point, I regretted… Read more »

June 12, 2016 00:28

One more thing: didn’t Churchill the Great change his political stripes not once, but twice? And don’t we WANT liberal birdbrains to wise up and come to their senses?

Just sayin’….