The Post We Wish We’d Written

From one end to the other. It’s long, but we found ourself nodding so furiously all the way through that we’re afraid that we’ve irreparably damaged our cervical vertebrae.

An excerpt about the so-called “Right” of today, but do go read the whole thing. LC Ironbear nails it to the wall.

the Right has been the losing team for a long time now.

I suspect that’s why they’re so opposed to Trump. They’ve been losing the culture wars for so long, and ceding all the ground to the Left for so many yars, that when faced with someone who actually fights, they’re terrified of him. Becuase if the Right and the GOPe ever actually fight like they mean it, they might actually win… And then they’ll have to figure out just what the hell to do next.

Because it’s not enough just to win the battles, or the war: after you do, you have to figure out what the hell to do with your victory.

And that’s an awfully scary thing. Once you win, you have to rebuild and move on. You have to have some idea of what the hell you want to build in place of the enemy ideology you’ve defeated, and to replace the institutions enemy has taken from you and corrupted during their long march, you know: back when you weren’t fighting to win.

Mainstream and Buckley Conservatism has been morally and intellectually bankrupt as an ideology for almost as many decades as I’ve been alive. They’ve been “opposing” the Left for so long now that the only thing that defines them is their nominal “opposition” to the Left.

Take away that opposition, and suddenly they have to face the reality that they no longer have anything to oppose, no idea what it is that they’re really conserving, and no idea of what to build on their victory.

That, I’m pretty sure, is why, no matter how many times the Right holds the White House, no matter how many Senate seats they have, no matter how many Congressional seats, no matter how many governorships and state legislatures they control, and no matter how large a portion of the Supreme Court…

They never seem to ever find a principle they can actually stand on and do anything with. And so it becomes increasingly obvious that they never really accomplish much of anything once they hold power.

It becomes increasingly obvious to the voters that the Right doesn’t intend to do anything. At least, not anything that the voters consider to be important to them.

The Democrats have become the face of the Political Left writ large. The Republicans have become the Political Left Only Slower.



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Tallulah (@tallulah)
May 8, 2016 23:16

By Jove, I think he’s got it. The only, ONLY thing the Leftist demons have done that we should emulate is this: when you get an inch forrarder, TAKE IT. On that basis Alone, Trump is the man. But Ironbear makes a much better case for him than that: we need a man — several, actually — who will fight.… Read more »

Tallulah (@tallulah)
May 8, 2016 23:18

One more thing: I also was appalled when Cruz made the statement that Trump’s “tone” (gag) was “responsible” for the Leftwing bastards’ riots. I realized then that he would be another George W. Bush: too sanctimonious to kick their fucking balls up their fucking assholes where they belong.

E. Nuff.

angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)
May 9, 2016 04:40

I just tried to read the original post. 500 Server error. :em08:

May 9, 2016 18:01

Ironbear’s site is now bookmarked; thanks!

It’s Bill Quick’s site, actually. I just guest post there on occasion. But thanks – glad you enjoyed the post.

And thanks, Misha, for the link.

I just tried to read the original post. 500 Server error.

Wait a bit and refresh. Daily Pundit gets those at times… I’m not sure why.