Via the Daily Caller.

So, in Israel, #NotAllMuslims were out murdering Jews for no discernible reason at all, you racists!, when this happened:

The Palestinian assailant had followed Azarihab, who was collecting money for charity, into a wine shop on the central city’s Baron Hirsch Street and began stabbing him “multiple times” in the upper body in a “frenzied attack,” police said.

At one point, Azarihab managed to break away and fled the store, while the owner of the store hit the attacker and tried to subdue him, police said.

…and this is when shit started getting real:

The victim then returned to the store, pulled the knife out of his own neck, and stabbed his attacker.

Making the thug assume room temperature in the process, we might add.

Yeah, you read that right. Mr. Azarihab pulled the knife out of his own neck and stabbed the assailant to death!

Now THAT’S what we call brass balls!

Mazel Tov!


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By Emperor Misha I

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LC Mike in Chi
LC Mike in Chi
March 14, 2016 22:28

I like Stabby-Dopes© almost as much as Splodey-Dopes™® :em01:
The man’s charitable gift is without measure.

March 15, 2016 04:32

And then some Israeli moonbat accused the man of murder for actually, you know, killing the terrorist who tried to kill him.

March 15, 2016 13:12

I just love happy endings.
:em01: :em01: