Sure, NRO, Sneer at us Some More

Keep showing your naked disdain for the Americans that actually keep this country running and we’ll all realize the error or our ways and start tugging our forelocks in your general direction.

Any day now.

Some explanations for Donald Trump’s success emphasize his focus on supposedly working-class issues – namely, immigration and trade – after a refusal by the GOP “establishment” to address them. When the Wall Street Journal condemns his “crude assessment of the economic relationship with China” and sneers that his “pander[ing] to his party’s nativist wing… may have endeared him to one or two radio talk show hosts” but will prove an electoral disaster, the editors only underscore the base-to-establishment gap.

Except I just did that thing where I tell you the quote is about one person and it is really about someone else. Those criticisms were leveled by the Wall Street Journal, but in 2012, at Mitt Romney. From early in the primaries, Romney took the unheard-of stance that China cheated on trade and should be aggressively confronted. He even called for retaliatory tariffs against continued currency manipulation and intellectual property theft.

And Oren Cass goes on to blather at length about how Mittens Obamneycare Said All of The Same Things™ back in 2012.

Which is why we refer to him as “president Romney” to this day.


You see, Oren, it doesn’t really matter one little thing whether Mittens said all of the same things that seemingly resonate with voters now (and we frankly can’t be arsed to go back and check since he’s yet another miserable failure in a long string of cuckservative miserable failures), because nobody noticed.

Why? Because he had the personality of a dirty, damp dishcloth and he failed to say any of those things in a way that made it through the dreary, mind numbing fog of his endless droning of corporate talking points and buzz words to where they might have made a difference.

Working Americans, as opposed to the leeching parasites of the DC Ruling Class, have a built in filter when they see a suit mount a podium. It’s a filter we develop through years and years of being approached by droning suits behind podiums who inundate us with clever buzz words and corporate bullshit, only to screw us over right royally once the droning is done. We’ve learned that when a suit says “employee retention”, they mean “we’re about to fire a bunch of you or make your jobs even more miserable than they already are”, we’ve learned that when a suit says “personal development and growth” it means absolutely fuck all other than the development and growth of the suits’ stock options, and we’ve learned that every time they throw a “satisfaction survey” at us, the results will be immediately shredded most likely before they’ve even been tallied up.

So when we see a droning suit crawl up to a podium, our brains immediately switch off and they don’t turn back on until their lips stop flapping.

Which is why you and your fellow elitist clowns are the only people in this nation who still recall a single word of what Mittens allegedly said back in 2012.

All that we DO remember is the cringeworthy sight of a beta male suit who hid behind his podium every time the worst president in the history of this nation as much as lifted an eyebrow at him.

We wanted a fighter, and all we got was… that thing.

But sure, that’s because we’re dumb, right?

The Trump phenomenon does not deserve elevation to the level of some reasonable response, needed movement, or well-earned comeuppance. It is best regarded as some combination of nihilistic joke and authoritarian fantasy. Yes he has “tapped into anger,” but let’s stop pretending it is a rational anger at problems ignored. Look at what is actually different about Trump, and ask what makes those things so popular.

The things that animate those of us who actually have to worry about paying our bills, you actually work for a living, those things haven’t been utterly and totally ignored by every fuckhole traitor GOPe swine molester for the past several decades? Really?

The sad irony is this: the intelligentsia’s confidence that Trump would fade was in fact a strong sign of their respect for the judgment of the Republican base. If you are looking for the people who truly disdained those voters, find the pundits who predicted from the beginning that this guy might actually win. Yet by flocking to him now, Trump voters are ensuring they will be a punchline –?sometimes feared, but never respected –? for years to come.

We can’t say that we share your confidence that those who have finally had enough of being lied to will end up a “punchline.”

But we CAN say, with absolute certainty, that YOUR kind will be nothing more than a footnote.


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February 26, 2016 23:08

The Donald as POTUS. Ya gotta love the head exploding potential of a Trump admin, no? His biggest attribute is not being a politician. People, real everyday bill paying people are tired of politicians and the lies that spew forth everytime their pieholes start flapping. They opened the door for a Trump and then piss and moan when he walks… Read more »

February 27, 2016 05:10

CNN had a story the other day about the Gop(e) donors discussing how they can keep Trump from getting the nomination, probably with some sort of brokered convention. I’ve also been seeing what they think will happen if there is a brokered convention. They’ve said they could push Rubio, Kasich, or even Juan! Bush into the nomination. I’ve even seen… Read more »

February 28, 2016 23:31

Gotta give Romney one thing. He had zero on the ropes after the first debate. To this day, I can’t understand why he didn’t finish him off in the second. I know he had to fight against the moderator as well. I think Trump would have told her to curl up with a big steaming mug of STFU, however. If… Read more »

February 29, 2016 10:32

The biggest problem I have with Trump is that I don’t believe he means anything that he’s saying. I don’t think the man has any principles beyond “what’s best for me”? I just can’t understand why people who are pissed at being duped by “conservatives” are looking at this pandering blowhard as the answer.

February 29, 2016 10:58

dasbow @ #: The biggest problem I have with Trump is that I don’t believe he means anything that he’s saying. I don’t think the man has any principles beyond “what’s best for me”? you just described almost the entire human race. I just can’t understand why people who are pissed at being duped by “conservatives” are looking at this… Read more »