Twatter Finally Loses its Shit

So, Twatter, that silly cacophony of hashtags and pointless one-liners that somehow substitutes for good old fashioned flaming and fisking finally yielded to its inner brownshirt and went full Orwell on its users by founding a Trust and Safety Council™ whose job it would be to keep fragile crybully Socialist Justice Wankers from ever having to read a discouraging word again. A council crammed full of shrieking, fascist SJWs.

That could only end one way, particularly since one of the members of Twatters new PolitBuro was Anita Sarkeesian, a lying slut who’s been making bank for quite some time by making up threats and crying harassment every single time somebody disagreed with her on the Internets. Which is to say “every single time Stacy McCain mentioned her.”

“POOF!” went Stacy’s Twatter account based on non-specific and wholly unsubstantiated allegations.

Twatter’s stock was already going down in flames, but apparently not fast enough for its CEO, who seems to want to go full free fall.

It’s really quite amusing to watch Prozis fuck themselves over royally again and again.


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February 24, 2016 05:40

Who pays attention to twitter? I know His Royal Highness has a twitter account. I have 2. One under my real name and one under my Angry Webmaster nom de guerre. (And if this is spelled wrong, so be it. The only “French” I do doesn’t involve words) The SJW’s want control of the Internet, like the good little Nazi’s… Read more »

Red Five
Red Five
February 24, 2016 16:46

I had a twit account, barely used it. I closed it yesterday. I hope they fail.