Return of the Superdelegates

“Superdelegates.” Remember those? Those are the “delegates” that Democrats use to make sure their preferred candidate always wins regardless of what the voters say in their sham “democratic” primaries, because why would the People’s Party give a shit about the people and their actual votes?

Unlike normal delegates, the kind that get elected in real democratic processes (not the Prozi Party way), “superdelegates” don’t have to vote at the convention according to anybody and anything other than which candidate paid them the most for the vote under the table.

It was loads of fun back in ’08, as we recall, with much rancor and general huffing and puffing.

So here we are. The Cankled Hildebeest squeaked out a tie in Iowa, got crushed 60-40 in New Hempshirt, and the delegate standings are (drumroll):

Hildebeest : 394
Commie Sanders : 42

Democracy? You’re doing it wrong, Prozi Party.

Not that you ever cared about that, comrades. We’re just kidding.


P.S.: It IS going to be hilarious, or should we say “hillaryous”, though, when the BernieBros and SanderSnatches discover at their convention that their nominee, after having curb stomped Queen Hillary! in voting booths all over the U.S., is…


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February 11, 2016 00:01

Hope it’s 1968 convention all over again.

February 11, 2016 04:54

Chicago style riots?

Naa, they’ll just sit there and play their bongo drums and complain about the one percent or something.

Now if Cankles gets indicted…

And in closing, the stupordelegates aren’t bound to any candidate. They can jump off the Clinton bandwagon and go for Comrade Bernie at any time.