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A group of 51 refugees rapefugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday.

“Brutally?” Oh, we like the sound of that! Although we, being a civilized male who hasn’t been emasculated by P.C. and goodthink, wouldn’t consider any “assault” on rapists “brutal”, no matter what shape said “assault” might take.

You molest our kith and kin, we’ll molest you right back. And we’re better at it. Much, much better than you inbred, subhuman fig farmers. We’ve been at it for much longer than you, you know.

The refugees had previously been ordered to leave Norway for “bad behavior” and tried their luck in Russia.

They chose… poorly.

Russians aren’t the whining, puling, submissive “men” that we’ve become in the West.

What they didn’t realize when they went out clubbing in Murmansk is that Russians have less tolerance when it comes to sexual assault on local women than other European countries.

The fact that there is any tolerance at all for sexual assault on women in the West is a stain of shame that it will take quite a bit of work for us to wash out before we may redeem ourselves as full members of the human race.

The refugees allegedly groped and harassed women in a similar manner as the assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.


Thanks for making our point for us. The so-called “media” of the West is obviously still having trouble distinguishing between “proven, established, documented beyond the very shadow of a reason of doubt” and “allegation.” If the Saracen animal hordes should defeat us, we’ll have deserved every bit of it.

A group of male Russian took them aside to “educate” them that “Cologne is 2,500 kilometers south of here.”

The refugees tried to flee but were quickly captured by the Russians. They then took them out to the street and gave them a beating they will remember.

And we’ll remember it too. And we’ll keep reminding the sad beta males of what remains of our “civilization” until the very end as well.

That is how MEN respond to subhuman filth.

Police arrived to break up the fight but locals report that they threw a few punches at the refugees before arresting 33 of them. Eighteen refugees were in such bad condition they had to be take to the hospital.

What? The police threw punches at the perpetrators rather than letting them have their “fun” and then showing up with tear gas and water cannons to fight the citizens protesting the molestations and rapes the next day? We mean, the way things are handled in the “tolerant and enlightened West.” Why, that’s just so uncivilized!

18 taken to the hospital? Well that’s interesting. Were any actual human beings hurt? The story doesn’t say.

And quite refreshing too. It’s a great pity that the Russian police didn’t shoot a few of the koranimals too. In the gut. So their deaths would take a bit longer.

Police decided to let the beatings slide and didn’t file a report. The only thing they could confirm was that there was “a mass brawl involving refugees.”

“What beatings? We don’t know what you’re talking about!”

The koranimals got off easy. Please note that they didn’t file a report about the raping either. They obviously figured that the issue had already been settled.

We beg to differ.

The fight between prehistorical animals and civilized people will only be settled when the animals have had their genitals cut off and shoved in their mouths.

At least one nation on this planet still seems to know the difference between right and wrong as well as the definition of justice.

Well done, Russia.

There at least remains a place on Earth for those of us who refuse to commit cultural suicide.


P.S.: Which nation, The U.S. or Russia, shows the greatest determination in bombing the everloving shit out of ISIS, our allegedly common enemy? Free hint: It ain’t the U.S. We’re too busy asking the JAG-asses for permission, lest we hurt the precious feelings of the animals who delight in shooting up Christmas parties and burning people alive. Draw your own conclusions.

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February 6, 2016 05:33

Personally, I think we’re finished as a nation. The rot is to deep, and the only way to fix it will be to fertilize a forest of “Liberty trees.”

Library Czar
Library Czar
February 6, 2016 11:24

They chose… poorly.

I do love understatement.

P.S.: Which nation, The U.S. or Russia, shows the greatest determination in bombing the everloving shit out of ISIS, our allegedly common enemy?

Its quite hard for the ISIS commander to issue orders to bomb Koranimal Komrades when his mouth is stuffed full of Saud dick.