I was really concerned that 6th grade girls wouldn’t be able to afford birth control.

IUDs are now additions to the 6th Grade Curriculum in 13 Seattle area schools. The state sets aside medicaid funds for the Take Charge program offers free birth control for a year. Interestingly enough the Take Charge web page URL is a sub-folder of Planned Parenthood Greater Northwest, well… not actually surprising though. One might think that Planned Parenthood is “all in” for wanton promiscuity for children, considering they’ve positioned themselves to “take care” of any unfortunate consequences of said promiscuity.


CNS News broke this story and their contact was assured that underage girls can receive a full-array of contraceptive benefits through the program if their parents meet the standards for coverage under the guidelines. Students wishing to receive services can use their own income, again, if parents qualify and the insurance would not be billed (Parents can’t be allowed any clue of their daughter’s visits yanno?). Also a program spokesman assured CNS that no notification or permission from parents is required for the girls to receive services. The program also includes hormonal implants. These and the IUD are referred to as LARCs (Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives). IUDs in particular carry some pretty significant and dangerous side effects as well as not protecting one from STDs.

I seem to recall former Texas Governor Rick Perry stirring up a hornet’s nest over something similar and here we have the Washington state government as well as the Seattle board of education deciding that parents don’t get to decide when, where and how their early teen daughters can access potentially dangerous contraceptives.

Sugary snacks and sodas for the kids….Hell No !!! (Seattle banned them in 2004) Potentially dangerous contraceptives without parental consent, of course !!!

Why not just turn our kids over to the state at birth and save the expense of raising them ourselves? That way they’ll be fully indoctrinated in good-speakthought as well as having their critical health “needs” provided as well. Just think “Logan’s Run”.

We report, you deride….


Carry On-

JB from the Deep Blue Sea

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