The proof really is in the pudding. Click on the photo below to see it full size. It’s a parking receipt from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport Valet Parking Area. (Use the back browser when you’ve had your peek, to get back here)

Sea-Tac Parking Reciept
Sea-Tac Parking Reciept

Yeppers, that’s a $6.93 surcharge (.99/day) for Seattle’s new $15/hr “Living Wage” law, that joins with the City Tax, the Airport Access Tax and of course Sales Tax. I just don’t comprehend the absolute ignorance of the Idiotarians behind this movement. McDonalds is still in the cross-hairs for the same wage for their employees. Clueless and Clue-fucked citizens that obviously believe that money really does grow on trees. We can try to explain it to them verbally, but a real life object lesson of the consequences is so much better to get through their pointed brain-pans.

Many companies survive on very thin profit margins. A massive increase in the cost of labor must come from somewhere. Companies can’t really survive by trimming their profits to pay for it as they’ll get abandoned by their stockholders which in turn causes a loss of capital needed for growth and maintenance. That “solution” would be tantamount to fiscal suicide, so we go with Plan “B”. Offset the increased costs of doing business by passing it along to the consumers. But wait a minute, if the cost of a Big Mac increases won’t that cause fewer sales? Damn right it will, which rolls back profits that they tried to protect anyway. It’s an economic paradox that only Progressives would try to unravel and of course, fail. But failure isn’t in their lexicon as long as they can provide bread and circuses to the unwashed masses. As I recall from history, that didn’t turn out very well either, but hey, no one ever said that liberals were capable of learning from history, or understanding the hard facts of economics.

With that out of the way, I proclaim an “Open Thread” for the holiday weekend. Cue the applause and….carry on

JB sends from the Commonwealth of MassiveTwoShits.

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