“Even Fox News is outraged at Boehner and Netanyahu’s plan to undermine Obama”

Funny, I dont recall Fox News or anyone else getting their panties in a bunch when that classless, brainless waste of space they have the chutzpah to call a “President” came here and took a dump on OUR Prime Minister.

In case anyone is curious, here’s what happened:

Lost in the shuffle of Obama’s immigration diktat and his sham of a farce of a travesty of a climate agreement with China was his speech about climate change in Canberra, Australia, where Obama went out of his way to insult Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Apparently our embassy personnel in Canberra advised Obama against this course, but naturally Obama knows better.

Wait..it gets better

Only in Naypyidaw, in Myanmar, immediately prior to the leaders travelling to Brisbane for the G20 summit, did the US party demand that the President make a speech and that it be to an audience of young people. At the speech, the President did not ­acknowledge the presence of Governor-General Peter Cosgrove.

The Governor General is the VICE REGAL representative of the Australian government. He is amongst the five TOP RANKING government officials. You do NOT ever disrespect the office..or the man.

Despite repeated Australian requests, White House officials reused to provide a text of the speech to their Australian hosts in advance, and did not provide a summary of what would be contained in the speech.

Needless to say, after the speech, Obambi’s office received a very curt, very terse call. Far as we are concerned, the sooner that IMBECILE is out of office, the better.

Now all of a sudden Ogabe is in righteous indignation over the same thing…wait wait..it wouldnt be because Netanyahu is ISRAELI..would it?


I’ll also say this: whoever you elect next will have a lot of work to do, and a lot of fences to mend. There are Americans who say that the US shouldnt have any foreign allies..believe me after some of the fiascoes we have seen recently?, there are many of your allies who are asking themselves if they are better off without YOU.

You all know me. I am not anti American. Never have been. I am, I know, an outsider to you all..I also hope that over the years I have in some small way helped you to see from the outside. I love the USA and I count the Rotties as some of the best and kindest people I have ever known..I would also be lying if I didnt say that many Australians were unimpressed with Ogabe’s antics.

We are your allies. We have stood with you in good times and in bad.,.,.and we always will. When that jerk in the WH is gone, forgive me for this, but you will have a lot of work ahead of you to convince those allies that they need you. The UK specifically will need to be attended to.

Whatever damage he has done at home? It pales into utter insignificance next to the damage he has done abroad.

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January 24, 2015 21:56

I am SOOO glad that you brought this up, because I am steaming mad at the shit I see on my yahoo home page. Shit like this, for instance: The Unbearable Rudeness of Bibi This asshole admits the invitation is nothing new: The issue of a foreign head of state addressing a joint meeting of Congress is not in itself… Read more »

January 24, 2015 22:28

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: bumpy times ahead.
He doesn’t have to run for office again, so he can take off the gloves and mask.
I’m afraid it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

LC Moriarty, Imperial Goatherd
LC Moriarty, Imperial Goatherd
January 24, 2015 23:14

You may remember this famous incident. This was the moment that I realized that he was intentionally belittling the United States. He doesn’t travel in a vacuum, rather, he’s surrounded by layers of security and support, and somewhere in all that are protocol experts. He chose to ignore them. He’s neither ignorant nor particularly stupid, but I’m quite convinced he’s… Read more »

lc purple raider
lc purple raider
January 25, 2015 01:02

Hell, Brendan, we’re embarrassed by this clown. We can see the damage Obama has done.

And we have no idea what he is going to do next.

January 25, 2015 03:08

readerjp says: Not anything like what Obama has ever done; aside from disrespecting the Australian Governor General (thanks, Brendan, I never saw that); or returning Churchill’s bust to England; or chewing gum at a state ceremony; or NEVER going to D-Day celebrations; or letting terrorists out of Guantanamo clandestinely; or colluding with Iran; or letting a State official be killed.… Read more »

January 25, 2015 06:29

Obama is not and does not represent America. He represents a small group of self centered overeducated, under intelligent idiots. Obama is not an American. Oh he may be a U.S. Citizen, (Damn it), and he may be legally qualified to hold, (or in his case, infest), the office of President of the United States. He just doesn’t think like… Read more »

January 25, 2015 07:43

Brendan, well stated. As a naturalized Citizen of this great nation, it pains me to see the decline brought about by successive leftist governments since 1962. Kennedy was really not that competent a president and in today’s Democrap party, he would have been kicked out for being too conservative as he did understand the need for and use of power… Read more »

January 25, 2015 15:45


You may be right, though I’ve heard several times it was a gift.

I don’t know about DVD’s he gave to Brown, BUT: as his big gift to the Queen, it was 20 hours of CD’s encompassing his previous speeches.

What a fucking narcissist!

January 26, 2015 01:25

readerjp says:

, BUT: as his big gift to the Queen, it was 20 hours of CD’s encompassing his previous speeches.

I’d forgotten that one, although Obama was a bit more tech savvy. It was an ipod rather than CDs…

January 26, 2015 16:46

Hey Terrapod Kennedy was really not that competent a president and in today’s Democrap party, he would have been kicked out for being too conservative as he did understand the need for and use of power on the international stage (and yes, he almost screwed that up too, but had some adults advising him). Well, as far as that goes,… Read more »

January 26, 2015 17:07

VAconservative @ #: Well, as far as that goes, he ignored good advice and screwed up the Bay of Pigs. But he was a tax cutter so he would have been ousted from the Progs on that count too. Don’t forget almost starting a nuclear war. And now I’m waiting for Snowmageddon to start. I’m looking at 2-3 feet of… Read more »