Somebody Hasn’t Had Enough of Her 15 Minutes Yet

Queen Ebola of Main, the nurse who just couldn’t give less of a fuck about the rest of humanity, has now decided that she absolutely doesn’t give a fuck about her quarantine either.

Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was quarantined at a New Jersey hospital despite exhibiting no Ebola symptoms after arriving from West Africa, won’t follow the quarantine imposed by Maine officials, her attorney said tonight.

So now a 101 degree fever is no longer a symptom? OK. Damn, it’s getting hard to keep up with this.

No, we don’t really care if the initial measurement was a “human error” because she was “flushed” and they used a forehead scanner (we know they’re not perfect, but if they’re that fallible, we strongly suggest that the FDA revoke their approval for use on humans right this minute), what remains a fact is that she showed symptoms, or symptom, when she entered the country from Ebola Central in West Bumfrica. What also remains a fact is that it matters bugger all whether she’s symptomatic or not, it’s 21 days until we can say whether she has it or not. That’s why we call it “quarantine.” It’s because she might have it. If she had it, we’d use a different term, “isolation.”

It would be really helpful if the press would refrain from expounding on subjects of which they have less than no knowledge, but then they’d pretty much not be able to expound at all. Which, come to think of it…

“Going forward she does not intend to abide by the quarantine imposed by Maine officials because she is not a risk to others,” her attorney Steven Hyman said. “She is asymptomatic and under all the protocols cannot be deemed a medical risk of being contagious to anyone.”

As far as we know.

Which is obviously good enough for the self-entitled Queen of Maine. We can only hope that her baffled subjects feel the same way.

We repeat, once more for the benefit of idiots and the bitch’s lawyer (but we repeat ourself): If she were a confirmed risk, then she wouldn’t be in “quarantine”, she’d be in “isolation.” Look it up, dumbfuck. There’s this thing called Google nowadays.

And allow us to digress a bit on this whole sad subject of “you’re not contagious until you show symptoms.” We don’t know that, it’s just what we’ve anecdotally learned from the case histories that we know of so far. Nobody, not even High Priest and Oracle Dr Frieden of the CDC, knows at what point exactly an infected individual becomes contagious. It’s not unique for Ebola either. It’s an, we hope, educated guess at this point, based on what we do know, which is limited.

There is no Magic Threshold for contagiousness, be it for Ebola or any number of other infectious diseases, we just learned from people who caught it and how the person they caught it from was feeling at the time they were in contact. And that’s assuming that we even know who they actually caught it from.

That’s why we have quarantines. Because we. don’t. KNOW. Knowledge of something and an educated guess, no matter how well educated it is, are not the same. Medicine is not an exact science. They teach that in med school. We know that for a fact, having attended one. So we quarantine even those that we feel fairly certain aren’t a risk because, hey, WHAT IF WE WERE WRONG?

It seems a small price to pay compared to the cost of being wrong, particularly in the case of Ebola.

But hey, let’s play: Let’s assume, and that’s one hell of an ASS-umption, that we know that Ebola isn’t contagious until the infected individual gets a fever.

How much of a fever? 98.8? 99.0? 99.5? 100? 103? Please, we’re listening. It’s kinda important. And is it the same for everybody? Is a person who becomes contagious always going to become contagious at the exact same temperature? Are there no individual differences? No people whose body chemistry can keep a temperature down longer than others?

Fascinating. Somebody should write a paper on that, as it flies in the face of all evidence.

Did any of you reading this ever have a fever? Do you know exactly when it started? Did you just all of a sudden see a warning pop up on your Terminator HUD saying “warning, fever”? Are you suggesting that people at risk should take their temperature every 6 hours? Every 3 hours? Every minute? Do you know exactly at what rate temperature increases in Ebola patients? Again, is it the same across all individuals, set in stone?

What about the inaccuracy and imprecision of the instruments used to measure temperature?

Beginning to see the picture here?

Anybody NOT seeing it is an idiot.

And that’s why we have quarantines. To be on the safe side. To err on the side of caution.

Because the price of being wrong about ANY of the above is too damn high.

But none of this matters one tiny little fuck to Kaci Hickox and the rest of the useless ME-MYSELF-AND-I Generation™ Abortion should not merely have been legal for them, it should have been mandatory, because they’re of absolutely no benefit to anybody, and they prove it with their every utterance, their every action.

We don’t want people who have offered assistance to sick people “punished” for their good deeds, quite to the contrary. It takes a special effort to go mingle with people afflicted with a disease that will kill you in horrible ways. As a matter of fact, His Imperial Majesty would be entirely supportive of using tax dollars to build a luxury quarantine resort for those who need to be quarantined for three weeks. Give them the finest food, drink and entertainment the Empire has to offer, all free of charge, with full pay. Pipe in every movie known to mankind for free on demand, make it Disney World for Adults on steroids, let them know we appreciate their efforts and the time they have to take away from their daily lives.

The price of one Gay Cowboy Poetry Festival ought to cover it. One Solyndra ought to be able to cover the price a thousand times over. We don’t care.

It’s still cheaper than being wrong about the risks of transmission.

And perhaps it would shut up selfish cunts like Ms Hickox while she enjoys living like the Special Princess that she obviously thinks that she is.

Heck, the silence of those narcissistic shits would be worth the price alone.


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October 30, 2014 01:20

Another inconvenient issue Nurse Snowflake, the Keystone CDC and the media whores ignore is that we’ve never seen an Ebola outbreak spread so quickly and infect so many people. Since this outbreak is so unprecedented and since Ebola can mutate so easily, how can we be sure what we think we know still holds?

October 30, 2014 03:40

There’s a lot of badness in this episode, and I generally agree with you, but I want to draw attention to one thing you said: Because the price of being wrong about ANY of the above is too damn high. That’s called the “precautionary principle.” It’s one of the Left’s favorite tools for arguing against just about any human enterprise… Read more »

LC Moriarty, Imperial Goatherd
LC Moriarty, Imperial Goatherd
October 30, 2014 12:26

fporretto @ #2:

You can read my mindless rant regarding the invocation of the Precautionary Principle over at Jenn’s:

Bottom line, though: She accepted a license that demands a certain standard of behavior. She’s busy violating that.

Revoke her nursing license.

October 30, 2014 16:15

I think this nurse is being used by the government for some very sinister reasons. They won’t close the borders, they won’t restrict flights from specific countries, and now they have this special snowflake who is raising hell about a full quarantine. I can’t help but get the sinking feeling that the government is stirring up the publics emotions so… Read more »

October 30, 2014 21:55

*access Terminator HUD*


…dafuq? Do I need to self-report to Maintenance to have the damn thing installed?

October 31, 2014 03:39

have plenty of empty barracks all over the country that could be repurposed for quarantine.

October 31, 2014 10:47

Why do I think that the MOMENT Maine is required, by some Obama-compliant judge, to remove the State Trooper “monitoring” her. . .that sometime that night, her home will get firebombed, and whoever does it will make SURE nobody gets out of the building. . .

LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret
LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret
October 31, 2014 15:05

And yet the military members send over to construct clinics and treatment centers are quarantined in barracks in Italy. 21 days and that includes the 2 star with them. So it’s OK for a nurse working with patients to do whatever the fuck she wants but the construction battalion is locked down?

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher
October 31, 2014 17:45

LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret @ #:9
Well of course it is, she is a privileged member of the ruling class, the soldiers are just mindless serfs whose only purpose is to serve their betters.
Damn thinking like a leftard makes my head hurt.

November 2, 2014 08:15

Will the State of Maine be able to pull her nursing license for “misconduct”?

November 2, 2014 14:29

I just read about a doctor who returned from Ebolaland and unlike that self centered twit, he put himself into voluntary quarantine and unlike Dr. Dumbass in NYC, he’s sticking to it.
Perhaps we should take up a collection for him so that he and his family can go out to the best restaurant around for a family celebration?