Not AGAIN???

Be advised: This is not a confirmed case yet, but it sure sounds like it might be the real deal:

Spencer, who was one of the medics working in Guinea with Doctors Without Borders, had been back for 10 days and quarantined himself after developing nausea and a high fever, sources said.

Except he didn’t, unless you count taxiing around NYC, going bowling and bumping ugly with your girlfriend as “self-quarantining.”

What fucking diploma mill in Guinea-Bissau did this “medical professional” get his sheepskin from?

Obviously one that doesn’t teach “do no harm” very effectively. Oh wait, they probably did. Like every other member of the me-me-me-me-MEEEEEEEE generation he likely interpreted that as “do no harm to my personal convenience or preferred pastimes”, because why would anybody fresh home from Ebola Ground Zero want to, we don’t know, maybe try NOT to get in contact with as many people as humanly possible?



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October 23, 2014 21:07

This is a big deal. I just saw the Mayor (explaining in SPANISH!!!) that he’s in Bellevue and the case is confirmed, after him the Governor, all assuring us that he’s safely at Bellevue. Now they’ve put restrictions on flights from W. Africa. But the guy in Dallas and others flew from Belgium – and other parts of Europe. Does… Read more »

October 23, 2014 21:15

Now it’s on every channel. They even interrupted football for it! The Commissioner of Health for NYC is talking to the press now. She sounds bored. Maybe it’s just how she speaks. She said he had no fever at the bowling alley, and it’s only when fever comes that they know it’s Ebola. It’s not their fault that he only… Read more »

October 23, 2014 23:47

I don’t know what the CDC said, but she didn’t say it wasn’t contagious until you get a fever. She said they can’t confirm it’s Ebola until there’s a fever. Because many of the symptoms mimic other diseases – fatigue, coughing, runny nose.

I don’t know how accurate it is.

October 24, 2014 07:16

Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house..
Coming soon from the SyFy channel.
Ripped from today’s headlines.
An ethically challenged government scientist.
A school of hungry great white sharks.
The Ebola Virus!
Combined in a cunning and horrible experiment, a new life form never before seen on the Earth.

BC, Imperial Torturer
BC, Imperial Torturer
October 24, 2014 13:51

This sounds par for the course for someone affiliated with Doctors Without Brains Borders. You have to look pretty hard to find an organization that is more apologist for the Assholes For Allah fuckwits. Given the fact that this flaming assnugget KNEW that he was, in all likelihood, a walking Human Petri Dish of Death, he should be stripped of… Read more »

October 24, 2014 14:23

BC, Imperial Torturer @ #: he should be stripped of every medical license, degree and honorarium that he was ever awarded and, should he somehow manage to not melt into a pool of bloody goo and survive the infection, be sentenced to a life of cleaning bedpans in the bowels of the worst Turd World “hospital” on the Afreakunt Incontinent—… Read more »

October 25, 2014 22:21

angrywebmaster @ #:
I heard that as well. I’m happy for her. Hope the rest of us are as lucky.

October 26, 2014 06:03

irish19 @ #:

I heard that as well. I’m happy for her. Hope the rest of us are as lucky.

I heard someone say that the other nurse, is either on her way home or is in recovery as well.