In this era of Obamanomics and plenty (of misery for all), Decent folk try to get by – and try to help one another out when they can.

As a lot of you know – I’m a part time gear head with a long history of tinkering with the mechanical beasts we either loathe or love depending on what they are to us. Hence my old moniker of ‘chariot builder’.

Some of us connect to cars on a level that more sane people look at as best a mild case of OCD – at worst down right dangerous. Really – to a “normal well adjusted” person just why would someone take a car GM, Ford, whomever – spent years of man hours in engineering efforts and – tear it all apart, re-engineer a bunch of it, then take it to some strip of asphalt, strap themselves in and throw themselves and it down it as fast as they possibly can go….Madness.

Alas it’s not for some to understand I guess.

But some folks do understand the fevered brains of “car guys”. I know of a gentleman in IL who is one such person that gets it. His travels on the back roads and byways of America in better days are lovingly documented in numerous writings of his on his car forums and FB. His is truly a love of the 4 Wheel beasts – and he truly gets being a “car guy” heart and soul.

As the Economy seems to have stalled with what they have touted as a recovery  (for bankers and shitheel lawyers – the rest of us not so much) Cort has fallen on true hard times. He’s had a heart issue from birth and numerous surgeries to keep his own little small block ticking. He has a Facebook Page which I will not link to here because I don’t trust linking to FB anymore  – search for it, it’s aptly named “Old Cars Strong Hearts“.

Cort has a few cars for sale – he is asking a fair price and to the right person they really may be something worth looking at. They are basic everyday transport. Nothing fancy nothing flashy nothing fast, just basic GM Rolling stock that has had the privilege of being owned this past few years by a true “car guy”.

I’d snap one of them up without hesitation especially the 89 Caprice ….it’s only got 56K on the clock and is in like new shape, and if there ever was a GM product built for long interstates crusies and the vast stretches of America they go through the Chevy Caprice is it. Unfortunate,  I’ve a stable of 4 Different rolling beasts right now – two in various stages of restoration and rebuilding and I simply do not have the time, space or ability to bring another car into the fold. Not if I want to remain “happily married” that is. Doh!

The basics are a 1979 Chevy Carprice with 165K on the clock and a newer 1989 Version with just 56K on it. I’ve put some information up on my 454Monte blog – go there and you can see the Craigslist add he is running as well. Again I don’t really wish to link back to FB or Craigslist here, so you’ll have to go thru my blog.

I know Cort is hurting – I read it in his words when he posts about it, but he’s also like many here – he’ll fight through whatever life throws at him and keep right on trucking. His not asking for a government to come in and rescue him. At least not yet. He’s – like his old stable of cars – a survivor. I know there are also folks here down on their heels a bit – so maybe this is something to help a bit – get through some car woes if they are having them. I don’t figure anyone these days is looking to cough up 40k For a Gubmmermint Motors Recall Wagon, but maybe a 3500.00 dollar low mileage “Old Car” might be just what they are looking for.