Murderous Paleswinian Terrorist Pardoned by King Putt Gets Sent to Hades

Thanks to LC & GLOR readerjp, who sent us these wonderful news.

As you may recall, the Paleswinians kidnapped and brutally murdered three teenagers earlier this summer for the “crime” of “hitchhiking while Jewish”. The perpetrators, Marwan Kawasme & Amer Abu Aysha, one of whom had been released earlier in one of King Putt’s pardons, excuse us “swaps” (in exchange for nada).

They have now been sent to the pedophile goat deity that they worship by the IDF. Unfortunately, the article can no longer be found on the Jerusalem Post, but here are the salient facts:

Hamas members Marwan Kawasme and Amer Abu Aysha, the two Palestinians who kidnapped and murdered three Jewish teenagers on June 12, were shot and killed by the IDF in an exchange of fire on Tuesday in Hebron. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said, “There is no comfort for the families in their heavy mourning and pain, but I hope they have a little relief in the knowledge that we got to the murderers of their sons.”

…and G-d will take care of the rest of the punishment of the subhumans.


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lc purple raider
lc purple raider

The baby Jesus smiled.

They have now been sent to the pedophile goat deity that they worship by the IDF

Where they will find 72 Helen Thomas virgins.

I just love a happy ending.


They died to quickly. They should have been made into women and crucified.
And to really make them last, use ropes not nails when attaching them to the crossbeam.

LC Ted
LC Ted

I would have liked them to suffer more. But, vengeance is not mine.
I’m happy that they died. But, I’m sad that they went to a Christ-less eternity.
I guess I’m full of contradictions tonight.

LC Ted