Halbig etc.

So now the DC circuit court of appeals has ruled that the law says what the law says, namely that subsidies are only available for states with their own exchanges which, given the large number of states without them, would mean the death of ObamaCare or something. Of course, this was a ruling by a three judge panel and, as such, is bound to be overturned in al-Obumfuck’s favor once it’s re-heard by the full court, which has been carefully packed by the Caliph himself.

But then it’ll go to the Supreme Court and they will uphold the initial decision, right?

Especially since that IS what the law says and, moreover, the whole conservosphere is waxing ecstatic about revelations that the very architect of ObamaEuthanasia, one Gruber, numerous times stated in the past that that was exactly what the law was designed to say and not, as the regime now claims, merely a typo or an “oversight”.

So, slam dunk, right?


His Imperial Majesty is having deja vu here.

Remember how ObamaFines were unconstitutional and how all of a sudden the ObamaFines were not fines, but taxes, and it was just because those evil right wingers misread the lovely document which clearly stated it to be a tax (which it didn’t).

Remember how the conservosphere had synchronized, simultaneous ejaculations with glee when Prozi Congressmembers were caught on tape stating, for the record and approximately three hundred gazillion times in the past, that it was indeed a fine and NO WAY a tax, and how this evidence would make the SC strikedown of ObamaCare a slam dunk, pop the champagne, party in the streets and so on?

Yeah. But then along came Roberts and decided that first it wasn’t a tax, because then the SC couldn’t hear it since it hadn’t taken effect yet and then, once that argument had let him and the rest of the gang issue a decision, decided that it wasn’t a fine after all but in reality had been a tax all along because otherwise he couldn’t have ruled in favor of it.

Remember that?

Prepare for a replay.

You voted for socialism, now you’re going to get it. Once it’s inside the tent, there is no way you’re getting it out again.


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LC Xystus
LC Xystus(@xystus)
July 25, 2014 16:56

We didn’t vote for socialism! :em04:

July 25, 2014 17:07

Roberts or Kennedy play that game again, I suspect there will be new openings on the court along with a massive yet fruitless manhunt.

July 25, 2014 19:08

Wouldn’t matter who or what you voted for, nor anyone else. Hasn’t been an election in this country in about 10 years now. Just rigged dramas to keep the crowd amused and tame. They can call themselves Republicans. They can call themselves Democrats. Liberals, Conservatives, whatever it takes to keep the crowd in line. What they are is criminal oligarchs.… Read more »

LC R6(@lc-ranger-6)
July 26, 2014 09:06

Once it’s inside the tent, there is no way you’re getting it out again.

No unbloody way for sure.

July 27, 2014 23:10


That is the key word, right there.

August 4, 2014 20:02

start with the owners of the state controlled media and your local demnazi.