Articles from September 2021

Sherlock Holmes & The Great Del Rio Mystery

I am sure you have all seen by now, the pictures from last Tuesday the first day of Autumn, of some 15 to 20 thousand Haitians and others under an overpass in Del Rio Texas. Then on Friday, lo and behold! Images of a totally empty ground, with front end loaders disposing of the debris,

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SHTF if true

Rumor circulating that the Resident in Chief has instructed that any military person refusing the forced “vaccine” will be subject to court martial and dishonorable discharge. No option to resign. Such action eliminates all pensions and remains a mark against all future employment both inside and outside the government. Having been honorably discharged and run

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Tax it all

Tax the plastics, and whence they cameTax your shirt, shoes and briefsTax the tires, the paint and fuel with tankTax the garden hose, the plumbing and the fencesTax the glue that hold your teethTax everything from eeevil oil. Fine you say, I will switch to all cotton, wood, leather and wool, Paper bags lined with

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Oz at the tipping point

I have nothing crafted, long day installing a water heater at son’s place and grandson’s birthday in parallel, whew! So hie thee over to the Conservative Treehouse and have a look.  Apparently Oz is boiling over while the DC “Insurrection II” false flag op fizzled.

Just say NO!

It would appear that perhaps Nancy Reagan was well ahead of her time with the slogan “just say no” (to drugs). This applies equally to anything being “forced” by a government that exist at the behest of the American citizen. Either amendments four, nine and ten mean something or do not. The very fact that

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It can now be said

After much cogitation, rumination and inspection of chicken entrails (assuredly after consuming said chicken exquisitely fried), it has been determined that what is wrong with Washington D.C. is traceable to a single drug now being flooded into the DC , blue state and blue city markets named FUBARBITOL (c). This product is very likely of

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