Articles from December 2020

The new Dem pork bill got vetoed. Heres why.

Some of the entries include $505 million in aid to Central American countries; $25 million for gender equity and democracy promotion programs in Pakistan; $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt; and $219.5 million in aid to Southeast Asian nations. Heres the kicker The HEROES Act, a proposal backed by Pelosi, would allow tax-paying immigrants

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Democrat demands election certification to be overturned

On Tuesday Democrat Rita Hart submitted a brief asking the House of Representatives to overturn that outcome. Authored by Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias, it says counting 22 mostly absentee ballots would give Ms. Hart a nine-vote lead. The brief asks the House to order another recount and use its constitutional authority to seat Ms.

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Sen. Cruz nailed it

This afternoon, I happened upon a Youtube of Mark Levin discussing the election, and discussing voter fraud. There was also an active chat in progress. Ten seconds later, the chat disconnected, a minute later the screen showed the actual channel had been terminated. If you disagree with someone, fine. If you doubt and say there

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Let’s see how many “trumpublicans” there are here

These are SERVING MEMBERS of the military, who roared when the President came out. According to the stolen election, all these military members voted for Biden. Doesnt look like it to me. Let’s see Biden get this kind of accolade. I wont hold my breath. Oh and lets add ANOTHER first for President Trump Morocco

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This is not The End. It’s a Beginning

But, by all means, unfold the French Flags of surrender and be done with it, if you so desire. The Supreme Court had the last chance to end this in an orderly fashion. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t have the stones and chose to renege on their duty to hear cases between the States, presumably to pretend

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Promise made…promise kept

Pfizer has been preparing for S. distribution for a vaccine, if authorized or approved, including coordinating with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Operation Warp Speed He did it. Most of all, this one accomplishment will be the hallmark..and the enduring legacy of the Trump Presidency. A vaccine for COVID, tested, checked,

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Google’s YouTube Goes Full China

Now they’ve declared that any and all content that as much as alleges that fraud occurred in the election will be banned, and strikes will be accumulated against accounts doing so anyway. Much like they banned and hit channels with strikes that as much as alleged that Russia “stole the election in ’16” over the

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Time to Dust off the Old Flag

This fight can only end one way. The path that leads to it, however, is still in doubt. We have filed suit, other states have followed and we welcome their company. Better to stand up against tyranny and face death than to bend the knee and accept it. As our President so eloquently stated in

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A brief word on the site

As some of you may have seen , the spam filter is having issues with posts and links. OT has done the impossible keeping the Rott going, and for that we are VERY thankful. If your post gets held, it will be approved ASAP as I stop in regularly to check. Please wait and check

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Breaking: Arizona to audit Dominon machines in Maricopa County

Nail by nail, the fraud is exposed. One by one, the dominos fall.

The proof came down to Georgia………………..

Gov. Brian Kemp, the Georgia Republican who has been fiercely criticized by President Trump over his approach to allegations of voter fraud in his state, said Thursday that new testimony has raised additional questions and a signature audit should be performed.

“Go ahead, swear me in then”

Source During Wednesday’s hearing, Democrat State Rep. Cynthia Johnson accused the House Oversight Committee Chairman Matt Hall of allowing people to lie. ‘Do you have a point of order?” Hall asked Johnson. She responded by demanding that Kolanagireddy and the witness sitting next to her be placed under oath. Johnson then proceeded to call them

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“I did not see one vote for President Trump in 27 hours”

“What I witnessed was complete fraud” “I saw this with my own eyes” “Not a single ballot for the President in 27 hours” Note what she says about multiple runs of the same ballots.