Articles from December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Oh How the Little Piggies Will Grunt

We obviously aren’t writing this since the world has ended numerous times already (according to the ProziMedia) due to the cataclysmic Literally Hitler!!!!™ steps recently by the Trump Administration, so consider the rest a figment of your imagination. One of those things that have ended the world as we know it and cast us all

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In answer to the announcement by President Trump….

…the HAMAStinians protested peacefully, walking and holding up placards, chanting and generally peacefully showing their disapproval. Oh wait. Yeah, lets give these people a State

Other News in Brief

It appears that Captain Robert “Ahab” Mueller has finally caught sight of… er, a tiny whitish sardine, maybe? Short version: Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has pled guilty to one count of fibbing to the FIB (not a typo) about how, in minute detail, he was doing his job as part of the transitional

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The Butthurt, it is STRONK!!!

Thanks to L.C. Mope, who keeps up with the fake news media so that we won’t have to read their sickening masturbatory fantasies, we learn that the Dread T-Shirt of Doom™ is making the rounds again. This time at Wal*Mart. Briefly. Before the butthurt presstitutes had it yanked. The nation’s largest retailer Wednesday removed from

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Once a Stasi, Always a Nazi

Frau Reichskanzlerin Merkel’s bunker keeps sending out more and more interesting Führerbefehle: The German government wants to force tech firms and car manufacturers to hand security services hidden digital access to private cars, computers, phones, and more. Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has drafted a proposal for the interior minister conference next week, in

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Because Apparently it Needs to be Said Again

If there is one thing that drives His Imperial Majesty to despair, it’s how history keeps repeating itself. From our long time friend and fellow Old Guarder, Bill Quick: There seems to be something rancid in the air, wafting from numerous sources on both the left and the right. On the left, we get a

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