Articles from March 2017

Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required

Oh yes, we remember their outrage, OUTRAGE about that T-shirt. First when we launched it, and then, much more hysterically, during the election. This nation is rapidly reaching the point where they’ll end up outraged at the end of a rope while their feet kick the air. From the Fake News site, New York Times:

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Just In Case You Forgot Why We Fight

On March 4, there were pro-Trump rallies across the nation. Needless to say, the “anti-Fascist” Prozi Fascists showed up to show how fascist hatred is how you demonstrate your commitment to love and tolerance and how “love trumps hate.” Equally needless to say, they got their arses soundly beaten for their efforts, but not before

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Eating Your Cake and Having It

So, well, that settles it. The former DNI, James “Lying to Congress” Clapper, categorically denies that any wiretapping of Trump even happened. Heck, even god-king Hussein denies it, so obviously it never happened! OK, in all fairness, all captain precious princess Hussein said was that he never ordered it, which, well, duh. “Will nobody rid

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He’s Baaaaaaaack!!!

Those of you from way back when will remember him as the Imperial Firearms Advisor, some of you will remember him as Kim du Toit, and some of us remember him as both. No matter what, it is our distinct pleasure to announce that he is back and blogging harder, heavier and better than ever.

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But… He’s Not Supposed to Fight BACK!

We’re sure this confuses the everloving heck out of Prozicrats after decades of “opposition” consisting mainly of Recucklicans unfurling the white banners and assuming the position whenever the Prozis as much as meowed at them. Color us silly, but we have a distinct feeling that this whole dog and pony show the Prozis are putting

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We Like This Guy… He Fights!

We made an exception to our rule against wasting valuable time on watching the mindless babbles of presidents and actually sat through President Trump’s whole speech to Congress. We had this feeling that this one would be… different. We’re glad we did. Here it is, if you missed it: We can’t really, unless we were

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I’ll just leave this here

Rosie O’Donnell: Well, our pussies are not for his amusement or entertainment or legislation. Her pussy, to put it mildly, is like the final frontier: “Where no Man has gone before” other news……