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Dear me, the Prozis really do have short memories

[youtube][/youtube] Looks like someone needs to build a wall.

20 Prozi Questions to the Emperor, Part the Fourth.

And onwards and upwards we go, to the final five. The original, and much more even-tempered answers (not a single “boob” in there), can be found here. We’re going a bit long here, but that’s in part because one of the Prozis is trying to impersonate somebody who has read the Constitution, when we all

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The Saxon is Learning to Hate

From LC & IB Francis’ place: The Left’s “disagreement” with us is not a disagreement on means, or even on the ends to be sought, but a volcanic, even theological hatred. It takes no prisoners. It accepts only submission, and only on condition of accepting lifetime subservience. In that regard it’s a lot like Islam.

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20 Prozi Questions to the Emperor, Part the Third.

Oh yes, it’s time to play Mock that Prozi™ again, which at least we find moderately amusing. OK, who are we kidding, it’s our whole raison d’etre! As always, you can find the original here. Anything that follows is entirely our responsibility. 11) dorkasaurus_rex?@dorkasaurus_rex What is the conservative view of Trump’s infrastructure plan? Good, bad,

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Special Snowflakes on Parade

Stolen from Ace’s ONT: I could keep this on loop all day — Dystopian Feng (@Fasdrak) January 26, 2017 Please stop this, millennials. Or we’ll have to rethink our position on abortion and write out a check that we can’t really afford to Planned Parenthood. Thatisall.

20 Prozi Questions to the Emperor, Part the Second.

And now, the post that we know you’ve all been waiting for, in which we bite our tongue, guzzle ridiculous and, honestly, unsafe amounts of Russkiy Standart and think happy thoughts in order to keep from busting several vessels while trying to respond to Prozi Twatter questions. For the original answers by John Hawkins, much

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Never Forget

So, Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS. We don’t know him from Adam, so we’re not going to wax poetic about his abilities or principles, but we hear nothing but good things about him, and he’s been picked by President Trump (never gets old typing that), who has, so far, shown himself to have an unerring and,

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Without Further Comment

Just because it, quite literally (in the actual meaning of the word), made us laugh out loud, or “LOL” as those who can’t be bothered to type like to put it (h/t Ace): Our only objection would be that this photoshop (if indeed it is a photoshop, we can’t say for sure), is a lot

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