Articles from February 2016

Sure, NRO, Sneer at us Some More

Keep showing your naked disdain for the Americans that actually keep this country running and we’ll all realize the error or our ways and start tugging our forelocks in your general direction. Any day now. Some explanations for Donald Trump’s success emphasize his focus on supposedly working-class issues – namely, immigration and trade – after

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Lindsay Grahamnesty Really Ought to Stick to Picking out Fabrics for “His” Dresses

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham thinks his party has gone “bats—” crazy, and joked Thursday that it’s possible to get away with murdering Ted Cruz if it happened in the Senate. “If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you,” the

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Alright, Anti-Trumpers, This is It

Yes, we’re one of you. We’re not particularly fond of the idea of a wild card that we don’t know becoming the nominee either. Although, in all fairness, we haven’t had that much luck with the candidates that we thought that we knew in the past either, have we? But the facts are facts, and

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If You’re Thinking About How to Finance Your Kid’s College

…quit worrying. It’s hard to tell parody from real life on certain college campuses these days, but I’m pretty sure this article is serious. The article, from the Brown Daily Herald, discusses how Brown students’ emotional and academic well-being is suffering because they are so busy fulfilling their “social justice responsibilities” as student activists. (And

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Can You Hear Us Now?

So, GOPe, is it finally beginning to sink in? We, meaning the conservative, hard working, tax paying, leave us the fuck alone and we’ll all get along fine Americans, have been trying to get through your thick, insufferably arrogant, narcissistic skulls for years that we’re more than just a tiny bit sick and tired of

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Twatter Finally Loses its Shit

So, Twatter, that silly cacophony of hashtags and pointless one-liners that somehow substitutes for good old fashioned flaming and fisking finally yielded to its inner brownshirt and went full Orwell on its users by founding a Trust and Safety Council™ whose job it would be to keep fragile crybully Socialist Justice Wankers from ever having

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Same As It Ever Was

In honor of the two Marxist Muttfuckers running on the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party’s platform of “Free Shit! No Borders!”, we present you with the following Public Service Announcement: Feel free to steal, borrow or re-post wherever you wish. Let’s make it go viral like a Kardashian STD through the NBA! F.E.T.E.

Oh, We Need a “Dialogue” Alright…

(h/t LC Mike in Chi): A former Marine became the target of an alleged assault in a McDonald’s Friday night, as a crowd of youths cornered him and demanded he answer the question, “do you believe black lives matter?” Before knocking him unconscious and robbing him. Christopher Marquez, a veteran of Iraq and recipient of

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Well, That Was Fast…

Even faster than we’d expected for the GOPe to spread their wrinkled cheeks for Obongo’s man meat, and we weren’t exactly expecting much of any resistance at all. “Republican Senator Chuck Grassley isn’t ready to say whether he’ll convene a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on President Obama’s nominee to fill the opening on the U.S.

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Now Tell Us Again that Leftism Isn’t a Mental Disorder

So, a mush-brained German Prozi gets raped by a rapefugee, sorry “culturally enriched” by a “wonderful, oppressed, misunderstood and quite superior human being of no particular religion”, and then she… Apologizes? Dear male refugee, presumably of my age. Perhaps a few years younger. A bit older. I am so incredibly sorry! You weren’t wet enough

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R.I.P., Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

They just don’t make them like you anymore. Enjoy your well earned rest in Heaven, because you’ve done more than your share down here in Hell. Rough times ahead for our nation, but we wouldn’t have one at this point if it weren’t for you. We are forever in your debt. So, who’s the 350

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Still A Mystery What Could Possibly Have Caused This…

Via LC readerjp, G.L.O.R. A Muslim man from Somalia unleashed a bloody machete attack on patrons at a restaurant owned by a Christian Arab Israeli in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday night and the FBI is now investigating it as a possible act of “lone-wolf” terrorism. Another “lone wolf”, huh? A lone cowboy rode towards the horizon.

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If This is A “Pussy”, We’d Say We Need More of Them

We mentioned in a previous post that we found a Trump supporter’s accusation that Cruz is a “pussy” a bit harsh. Those were our words. We were trying to restrain our usual self. Uncharacteristically, we know, but still. We don’t want to alienate people who are just as pissed off as we are, even if

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Better Disavow This Nutjob, Ted, and Right Quick, Too!

This was just brought to our attention by LC readerjp, G.L.O.R. WASHINGTON — A controversial Christian evangelical leader whose endorsement is being proudly trumpeted by Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz works energetically to convert Jews to Christianity and has predicted that there will be a new period of concentration camps for Jews before the return

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Any Day Now…

Hed stolen from LC & IB Bill Quick: FONTANA, Calif., Feb. 10 (UPI) — A team of scientists with California-based research outfit 21st Century Medicine has successfully frozen and recovered the brain of rabbit. No news as to whether they’ve proceeded to put it back in Mitch McConnell’s head. Thatisall.