Articles from April 2015

Free Range Goodness!

It seems to be all the rage these days. Free Range. Free Range Chicken, the cluckers get to roam around a pristine emerald green grassy field under an azure blue sky, whiling away their days bathed in lemon yellow sunshine. Right up until they are nice and plump….then  Ol’ Farmer Brown whacks their head off

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This Isn’t Going to End Well

And when it doesn’t, it will all be on you, you filthy Prozi fascist scum. You’ve probably already read about it, but LC Tallulah, GLOR, brought it up as well, the story of political pogroms in Wisconsin. We encourage you to go and read all of it, if you have the stomach for it, but

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With a Heavy Heart

…it is my sad duty to report that LC Brendan’s beloved wife, Marion, passed into the arms of the L-rd yesterday. She fought as bravely as any and then some, but in the end there was no strength left in her to fight on, her will to do so notwithstanding. Brendan instructs me that he

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Hildabeast’s First Campaign Commercial

[youtube][/youtube] Think she’ll run it?

Please, If Your Prayer Wheels Have a Moment…

I wish I could be the bearer of good news or, at the very least, some silly news that one might conceivably laugh at, and that time will come. Right now, however, is not that time. Our very own Oz Brendan’s wife is in the ICU, fighting a big one, and I do mean a

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And This Is How You Kick a Prozi Lynch Mob in the Junk

WALKERTON, Ind. — A northern Indiana pizzeria that closed after its owner said his religious beliefs wouldn’t allow him to cater a gay wedding opened Thursday to a full house of friends, regulars and people wanting to show their support. Mr. O’Connor closed the shop for eight days after comments by him and his daughter,

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is what a Commander In Chief SHOULD sound like. Before mentioning the National Rifle Association or even firearms at the gun rights group’s annual meeting in Nashville on Friday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, asked all the men and women in the audience who serve or have served in the armed forces to stand

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The enemy among us

Who might that be you ask? John P. Rowe for number one (this week at least). Dammit Snarl – who the hell is John P. Fucking Rowe you growl? Is there a f’n point here other than the one on your head? Yeah, yeah, hold your knickers on faithful reader. I know the AIR been

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Princess Precious Perfect is a Medical Genius Too!

Is there anything that the jugeared freak in the White House CAN’T do? President Obama said in an interview broadcast Wednesday that his push to address climate change has been partly influenced by a frightening moment when his daughter Malia had an asthma attack as a 4-year-old. What I can relate to is the fear

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Just a brief observation

A person I know was cuttingly commenting on the Australian Prime Minister, and how “he is a disgrace, and how he is a sick joke with US comedians” Personally, right now, I’d think that the US comedians and US as well as Australian “media” would be better advised to take a good long hard look

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He Is Risen!

I wish you all a  very Blessed Easter. May the joy of Christ’s Resurrection fill your life and renew you, and may the courage He showed in taking  up His cross give you the courage to live daily as Christians. And may the courage shown by Christians around the world who face death for living

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Sarah Brady Dead at 73

Yes, THAT Sarah Brady, the one from the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence. It’s hard to comment on something of this nature. The old adage of not speaking ill of the dead, among others comes to bear. One has to almost – notice I said “Almost” here before you lash out and  take my

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BC Asked…

for it, and Steven Crowder delivered. [youtube][/youtube] And put the shoe on the other foot. Watch and enjoy the tolerance. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]  

Excuse me?

2 posts in 48 hours, I’m burning up da’ intertubes for sure!! Actually – not really, I just got to feeling like a slug and a little ticked at myself for letting the awesome privilege of being allowed to scribble my thoughts here at the AIR sit on a virtual shelf and gather dust. Anyhow,

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Circle the wagons…

“Circle the wagons” used to be a tactic the pioneers used on the trek west to face off with marauders. Today it is a phrase used in political speak to “protect one’s own”. And that is exactly what Obama, his administration, and the U.S. Department of Justice led by Eric Holder have done. Flawlessly, I

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