Articles from December 2014

Meanwhile, While Elizabeth Lauten is Being Hounded by the “Media” (And Notes on How to Fight Prozis With Their Own Weapons)

…they refuse altogether to comment on a Progressive Socialist Democrat pleading guilty to multiple counts of sexual offenses, including rape. Donnie Ray Williams Jr., former staff director for the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee, pleaded guilty Tuesday to multiple charges including third-degree sexual abuse, two misdemeanor sex-abuse counts and one count of misdemeanor

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All the News that Are Unfit to Print

So while the ObaMedia continue to not waste a single word on Jon Gruber, the professional prevaricator hired by the White House to “hide the decline” in ObolaCare from the “stupid voters” (Gruber’s words, not ours) in order for it to pass, they’re focusing on the IMPORTANT things. Such as a staffer, oops, former staffer

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