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ProgNazi “Free Speech”: You Have the Right to Parrot Our Opinion

So Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich committed the Auschwitz-level crime of agreeing with Reichsführer Obama on gay marriage before Reichsführer Obama “evolved” to a position more compatible with his goals for the upcoming election, and the ProgNazi hordes went ape shit (short version, he donated to support Prop 8 against gay marriage as a “right.”) And

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Fort Hood under siege…AGAIN

Source AT LEAST one shooter – possibly two – have gone on a violent rampage at the Fort Hood US military post in Texas.An unconfirmed NBC report said one person has been killed, at least eight injured and there are two possible shooters.The military post is in lockdown and soldiers have been ordered to take

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Six at one blow..”click” “bang”….*BOOOOM*

Source With a Taliban fighter looming in his sights half a mile away, the British sniper knew a clean shot would take down his enemy. What he could not have known was that the single bullet he fired would account for five more insurgents.But, incredibly, his rifle round triggered the explosive vest worn by his

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Wow. Just Wow. Fascism Truly DOES Come to America

We have to admit, we have rarely been as surprised at what this once proud nation has allowed to happen under “definitely NOT fascist” Obama as we were just now when we found this. We’ve stayed off the Common Core, the new curriculum pushed by Ear Leader’s Junta for our public “schools”, parts because we

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