Articles from November 2013

Lovely Bipartisanship!

Isn’t that what we’re told that we need more of? Isn’t that what the Liberal Fascist Party screams and howls about every time they can’t find GOP votes for their latest tyrannical power grab? They must be positively ecstatic now that Upton’s Keep Your Health Plan Act passed with a massive, bipartisan majority in the

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And the Hits Just Keep On A Comin’

Good ole Rurik brings us the follow up when Adolph finds out he lost his doctor too. [youtube][/youtube]  

New York Slimes, The Grey Meth Whore, Digging Desperately for New Euphemisms

Because admitting that their god, the Lying King Obama, has lied is just too much to ask of their fine, libtard, nuanced minds. The split between lawmakers and the White House reflects the dilemma the president finds himself in as he seeks to follow through on last week’s acknowledgment about his incorrect promise on health

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You Knew It Was Coming

What you may ask? Why, another Hitler Obamacare parody of course! [youtube][/youtube]  

No, Constant Surrenders Are Not a Winning Strategy

We find ourself in one of those extremely rare moments where we simply must disagree with Thomas Sowell as he evaluates the “irrationality” of trying to defund OgabeCare: Therefore was the Tea Party-led attempt to defund ObamaCare something that met Burke’s standard of a “rational endeavour”? With the chances of making a dent in ObamaCare

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Veterans Day 2013

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in the Year of Our Lord 1918 the guns of the Western Front fell silent. Today we set the date aside to honor those who have worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces. We are a somewhat dying breed it seems.

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Happy 238th

Today my beloved Corps is 238 years old. I thought about writing a long elaborate prose about the Corps, it’s ethos, it’s legend, mythology and culture. Instead I realized that there is one quote, from a woman who by all accounts despised the Corps, that sums it up very well. “The Marines I have seen

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Bret Baier read the following email from a viewer on his his show the other night on Fox News. “Putting things in perspective: March 21st 2010 to October 1 2013 is 3 years, 6 months, 10 days.  December 7, 1941 to May 8, 1945 is 3 years, 5 months, 1 day.  What this means is

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The 173rd Airborne and the 8th of November

I’m a little late in the day to commemorate this, but watch this and honor them, and what they did. All of them. All of the Niles Harris’s, and all of the fallen. From all of our wars. [youtube][/youtube] May we be worthy.

ObamaCare fails – Fiddytwo’rs hit hardest.

I couldn’t decide when I started this post to run with the title above or make it “Reason XXXVII I fucking HATE Obama and his Base”. Like they say – there is NO fixing this, there is NO fixing the abject level of plain fucking stupid for people that slavishly support this fucking shit pile

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And That’s Why the Tolerant ProgNazis Hate Our Country Hick Asses So Much

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood at the Country Music Awards: [youtube][/youtube] The reaction from the “tolerant” ProgNazi crowd at being made fun of was as predictable as it was… intolerant. It was also every bit as misspelled, grammatically incorrect and generally retarded as you’d expect from a crowd who still thinks that “public schooling” is

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On Bullying

So this is what passes as an “anti-bulllying actvist” huh? Apparently this peter puffer thinks that there are “too Goddamn many people” on the planet and that abortions need to be mandatory for the next 30 years. Exit question: If there are too many “Goddamn people on the planet,” why doesn’t Savage make things a

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OK, RINOs, It’s ON

And no, His Imperial Majesty doesn’t give two flips about the “conservatives need to stand behind the GOP candidate, no matter how much of a RINO” mantra that always comes out of the Rove wing of the GOP when they try to foist another Kris Krispy Kreme on us. We tried that, remember? We held

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Tough Love

OK, so the fix really was in in VA and the “Old Dominion” appears to have well and truly accepted Stalin’s offer and meekly put on their chains. Jefferson et al must be drafting a motion in the hereafter to never ever let it be known where they came from, ever again. But that’s not

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Elections Have Consequences

Today we’re waiting for the results of two critical election processes to run their course. Good or Bad. Regardless of the outcome, as Mark Levin said yesterday these are the first of many, many battles to come. The Left, feeling the sting of the ObamaDeathCare rollout, is on the march regardless. Their battle plans give

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