Articles from September 2013

Oh Sweet Jove! The ShutdownPocalypse is Upon Us!

Hide the children, stock up on canned goods and prepare for doom, DOOM we tell you as the midnight deadline has been passed and Harry Reid and the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party succeeds in shutting down the government to keep golden Cadillac healthcare plans for themselves and nobody else, taxing grandma and grandpa’s wheelchairs

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Perhaps There IS Hope After All

Unfortunately most of his contemporaries probably wont understand a word of it since he uses the “Y” and “O” when spelling u, but still a respectful and epic repudiation of libtard indoctrination. And as an added bonus from Madison Wisconsin of all places. Dear Graduate Director Prof. Kantrowitz, Please forgive this sudden e-mail. I am

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The Scumbag List

Well, that Senate “showdown” went about as one would have expected, with RINOs scattering for the hills and handing the problem right back to the House by “cleverly” voting for it before they voted against it, knowing full well that their “nay” would amount to nothing and in no way endanger the ObamaCare that they

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Yes, Coburn, You Really Are a RINO.

Another case of Butthurt in the First Degree from a Republican Congressleech who doesn’t much like being reminded that refusing to fight, no matter what the odds, doesn’t translate into “heroism” and “commitment.” “I’m getting all sorts of e-mails from people that supported me because they’ve been totally misled about what’s possible…I’d love to get

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For A Change

Lately I’ve been the harbinger of bad news. For once, that is not the case. As of about an hour ago Crumb Cruchie and his beautiful wife are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Zoey Lee. 8pds 8oz, 21 inches. Both mom and baby are healthy and well. Crumb is a little dazed

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21 hours, huh? Now that’s some dedication, right there. Even His Imperial Majesty is impressed, and he doesn’t impress easily. His face does, when he falls asleep on the keyboard, but that’s another matter. When the junior Senator from Texas announced he was going to get up and filibuster (yeah, we know, it was “fake”,

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Anybody Heard From Deej?

Just found out (by finally catching up on comments and logging back into Facebook) that Deej seems to have gone back into surgery and that his Facebook account has been deactivated. I shot off an email but haven’t got a reply yet. Anybody know anything? A bit worried here (British Understatement Alert).

Dude, Where’s My Northwest Passage?

Oh giggle, oh snort, oh guffaw, oh BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The Angry Web Master, LC & IB, brings our attention to an article of pure hilarity that ought to put a smile on everybody’s face. The naïve advice of ardent activists can kill. Last spring, Paul Beckwith of Sierra Club Canada predicted that the Arctic seas would

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Democrat Socialist Reid On the Record: Willing to Shut Government Down to Fund OgabeCare. RINO Traitors in Senate Cave Immediately

On Monday afternoon, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz asked for unanimous consent to immediately consider the House Continuing Resolution to fund the government and avoid a shutdown. The legislation would also take steps to avoid a default on government debt while Congress debates a raising of the debt ceiling. Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid was on

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Sunday Night Funny Open Thread

Stilton Jarlsberg brings teh funneh: Meow.

Something That Needs To Be Hammered Home…

Again and again and again and again and again… Because you can’t stop the signal. From yet another excellent article on the shameful spectacle of Democrat Socialist scum walking out the room when testimony from our Benghazi heroes’ families was to be heard. It’s all worth reading, but this one in particular bears repeating, re:

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#NotAllMuslims Go On Shooting Spree in Nairobi Mall, 59 Murdered So Far

The terrorist scumbags told all muslims to leave before opening fire. We wonder if there’s a connection there? No, there isn’t. This in no way has anything to do with anything. The motivation behind this brutal slaughter will forever remain a mystery, we will never know, AND NEITHER WILL YOU, RACISTS! Notable stupidities from the

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Old Guard. They Never Retreat

But they DO need to EAT. Bill Quick, you may know him as the guy who coined “Blogosphere”, or you may just know him as a guy as cantankerously unapologetic as ourself, could use a hand. This blogging stuff doesn’t just do itself, you know. We’ve already done our bit. If you can help out

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Target Practice!

As suggested by LC & IB Angrywebmaster, we took at look at some Limey fucktard screaming for somebody else to go fight a war for him. Because you may rest assured that a leftist fascist would never ever put his or her money where his or her mouth was. We can’t really do a word-by-word

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Beneath Contempt. Beneath Human, Even

We’re sorry for the lack of free ice cream lately, but we’ve been fuming and trying to think happy thoughts ever since we read this. (Don’t click until all throwable objects are outside of reach). Relatives of the American heroes massacred in Benghazi while Hillary ’16! and Obumblefuck dithered and refused to help them showed

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