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Comrade Tingles About to Be Airbrushed

Of that we’re fairly certain, now that he’s dared question Comrade Hussein’s Junta’s Narrative about “no targeting going on at the IRS.” Yes, it’s that Chris Tingles. No, we’re really not kidding. “[I]t’s like he didn’t see what he knew people certainly right, left and center could see, that when you target particular groups, you’re

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Yep, they’re scared

How can you tell?  When you play the race card that’s how. ‘I’M A BLACK MAN’   Have no illusions.  This is a not-so-subtle hint to Boner and McCockless that Obongo will wage a scorched earth campaign.  Things are starting to turn, however slightly but the sharks are a sniffi’n and that’s never a good

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We’ve Got Proof: Australia IS Bloody Well Out to Kill Ya!

His Imperial Majesty has a lot of rules of thumbs for visiting other countries and even more handy dandy flash card reminders of what each country is like. Such as “when in Germany, don’t mention the war”, “France has a million kinds of cheese, none of which are edible by humans”, “don’t ever let a

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Bureaucracy In Action

As most of you know, I recently found myself within the ranks of the unemployed and am really just loving the ever living shit out of dealing with bureaucracy in action. I’ve decided to swallow what little pride I’ve left and apply for whatever crumbs the Lonestar State chooses to give me, but I’m wondering

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“Jawohl, Mein Führer!”

Presented without further comment, thanks to the geniuses at The People’s Cube: Thatisall.


If anybody still believes that this is all going to end peacefully or concentration camps then please get on a fucking boat and head to France…quickly.  Via the Jawa Report: (Sorry Misha but I just HAD to pile on).        

“Then They Came For Me, But There Were None Left to Stop Them…”

Oh dearie, by the hairs of Jove’s Balls are the presstitutes ever outraged that their boyfriend turned on them as opposed to the gazillion times when he violated the rights of others, but “they said nothing, because they weren’t a [insert name of group being raped here]. “Yet few in the press are interested in

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The Fascist IRS Cunt Actually In Charge of Persecuting Enemies of Ogabe Not Actually Falling On Her Sword

She’s doing very well, thank you very much, being in charge of the IRS’ OgabeCare Office, where we’re sure, SURE that she’d never EVAH abuse her position to, say, “delay” life-saving care to Enemies of The People’s Socialist OgabeRepublicTopia of Next Tuesday™. (H/t LC Virago). It’s not like she has a history of illegally abusing

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You Don’t SAY???

We’re shocked, SHOCKED we tell you (but not nearly as shocked as LC & IB Ace who may not be as shocked as he pretends to be, knowing him): President Barack Obama has thrown his acting IRS commissioner overboard, making Steven Miller the highest-ranking political casualty thus far in a series of scandals that have

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But None Dare Call it Tyranny

OK, so that’s not entirely true, plenty of us have absolutely no trouble calling liberal fascist tyranny by its true name, it’s just that so very many, a lot of them allegedly on “our side”, can’t get enough of telling those of us who worry about government overreach, corruption and deliberate and targeted destruction of

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If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck…

…poor Jackboot wouldn’t have any, as the saying goes down here. We were just informed that he was let go from his job and, as a result, is going to have trouble making his rent. I know, but the thing is that he’s too damn proud to mention it himself, so that’s why I’m doing

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We told you Aussies were blunt

Take a look at what Aussies do when they are fed up with a politician. [youtube][/youtube] We dont mince words.

No Man Left Behind

That is the ethos of America’s warriors, the commitment that you will never leave a fallen brother behind, and being assured that they will do the same for you. It brings no small measure of solace knowing that one way or another, you WILL go home. The reality of warfare however does not always allow

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Well no shit

His Liege’s Imperial Asshole has been spewing hatred reserved only for Lucifer himself due to Java CRASHING HIS FUCKING COMPUTER DURING THE FUCKING NATIONWIDE RACE.  So I’ve spent the last two days trying to recover and copy files so I can wipe the HD and reload Bill Gates worthless Win7 shit.  So when I was

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Liberals – The Undisputed Masters of Accidental Irony

I offer for your consideration a still image taken from White House Obfuscation Secretary Jay Carney’s recent incoherent and bumbling mismanagement of questions on the Benghazi affair: There is very little to add. One imagines, from reading his expression, that he would much prefer to be at home, removing his own spleen with a hedge

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