Articles from March 2013

Happy Birthday To…

Old Slablsides! Today, March 29th, marks the 102nd anniversary of the U.S. Army’s adoption of the Colt Model 1911, .45 cal Automatic Pistol. Even more poignant to this old Jarhead, it’s the 100th anniversary of my beloved Corps adopting it as well. The 1911, and it’s later upgrade the 1911A1, served U.S forces for 80

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The Deathstar was an inside job

We all knew it There was skulduggery afoot the day the DeathStar died. Call those responsible to account!! Palpatine lied, people died, no war for DROIDS!!!! And with that, Rotties, I call an open thread. Let the conspiracies be revealed!!! [youtube][/youtube]

How to Fellate the Coming ProgNazi Fascist Tyranny

…and get paid per column inch too! What an odious, scrote-washing, fascist bint this Sarah Conly is (h/t Q&O): WHY has there been so much fuss about New York City’s attempt to impose a soda ban, or more precisely, a ban on large-size “sugary drinks”? After all, people can still get as much soda as

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Those whacky NORKS

Ahh the Communist workers Paradise of North Korea is at it again… go figure. The North Korean Army has stated that they have targeted South Korea and the U.S. “From this moment, the Supreme Command puts all of its field artillery including strategic rocket units and long-range artillery units into the No. 1 combat ready

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Reflections of a former urchin

With any bad news – maybe there is always some good to share. I hesitated greatly to write this post – with the untimely passing of the man known as EFA and the attendant posts – I feel guilty a bit about posting so soon. It doesn’t seem proper in some ways. Maybe a little

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Thanks Again, All of You, For Being You

I know, we don’t need any more bad news, but these aren’t really all bad. Well, they are, but they’re also good as they further prove, as if anybody needed proof, what great people you Rotties are. I just want to humbly thank those of you who, in spite of money truly being too tight

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So Long, Eric Faine, And Thank You For Being You

Eric, it’s now been almost exactly 48 hours since I found out that you have passed from this plane of existence. I will never forget you, my brother, and I know that I will never enjoy, as much as I did with you, staying up until all hours of the morning just talking about all

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GOP Decides to Kill Itself

Which, at this point, comes as welcome news to this Imperial Despot because, quite frankly, what have they done for us lately? The sooner that noxious pile of RINO turds collapses under its own weight, the better. Besides, upon yesterday’s news about LC EFA, we’re just in that very special “Who Gives A Flying Fuck

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Sad News, Updated

I just learned that long time Rottie EFA passed away suddenly this past Friday. I don’t have anymore information right now but I will update you all as it becomes available. In the mean time please keep his family in your prayers. Australia has lost a good man, and we have lost a great friend.

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Obama Supporters get taken to the woodshed.

As the tag says… Fucking OUCH! This one rests on its own laurels folks – I can’t say anything or enough about it. But I can applaud – wildly. Go read and oh yeah, send linky thingys far and wide!! Lloyd Marcus clue-bats his family members  

Equal Opportunity – Unequal Risks

Looking through various headlines I came across this: Marine General says women ready for Combat This is sure to be a hot button topic- so At the risk of crossing swords with the G.L.O.R’s here across the mighty Empire I have to say simply this – it’s wrong. It’s just flat out wrong. The General

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Rotties: whats your call

Article as follows Shelly Frey, 27, was shot and killed by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy at a Houston, TX., Walmart. The deputy was suspicious of Frey, saying he thought she was stealing from the store, reports UK Daily Mail. Harris County Sheriff’s deputies said that Shelly Frey, Tisa Andrews and Yolanda Craig were shoplifting when

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Pushing Us Ever Closer to the Edge

As the ever diligent and tireless Imperial Staff has been keeping you well up to date on, the natives are getting restless, the Browncoats are getting louder in their warnings to the federal tyrants and their minions, yet the ProgNazis and their RINO collaborators — a word to the latter: historically, no matter how brutal

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Nanny Bloomberg gets bitch-slapped – ProgNazis hit hardest

Breaking News from the Imperial News Room !! In a win for personal responsibility and liberty,  New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling has slapped down the NY Big Gulp ban. And there was much hilarity and rejoicing in the Empire …er wait…huh? Wait, sorry this update to the story just in – correction. Ahem,

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Is this at the border of each US state?

Watched this Youtube video and wondering where and how this is happening. [youtube][/youtube]