Articles from February 2013

If Only…

Bill Whittle were our President. [youtube][/youtube]  

A CEO gets fired: Honesty above all.

The CEO of Groupon got fired today. Instead of a whine or arguments, he chose to send a message to the staff, and in all truth, i find his honesty and no BS attitude….refreshing. No gilding the lily, no excuses, “the buck stopped with me”. He took it on the chin. I admire his guts.

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GOP? What GOP?

His Imperial Majesty does believe that it’s time to take off the blinders and realize that the GOP is dead. It’s not a surprise to us, we’ve suspected it for a long time, but we also realize that building up something from scratch is a long, arduous process, and “long” is the exact definition of

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Welcome to “Gun Safety With Uncle Joe”

Yes, we know that this is what you all have been waiting for. Our new self-appointed guru of responsible and safe firearms ownership, Joe “Choo-Choo” Biden, has once again decided to put some learnin’ to all of us unwashed, extremist, irresponsible, children-hating, murderous, violent (OK, we’ll stop here or we’ll never get to the meat

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Not.In.My.Back.Yard. Ahhhh the ‘Green’ cadres strike again. This article on Fox details a fight in the progressive utopia of Cape Cod. And before I get accused of painting with an overly broad brush, because after all  “NOT, all of the fair people of Cape Cod can be DNC trained seals!! “ let me say –

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No Offense to the GLORS.

Choochoo Joe’s “buy a shotgun” advice is demonstrated in action. BTW, can someone please tell the “man” interviewing Plugs to buy some big boy underwear cuz the ones he’s wearing now are making him sound like a queer soprano. [youtube][/youtube]    

Al’s Off His Meds Again

Someone screwed up and left a microphone unattended and Al”Tawana Brawley” Sharpton pulled a Joe Biden, making sure to leave little doubt that his IQ is equaled only by a bucket of rocks. “People do not have the right to unregulated rights in this country,” Yeah….let that one sink in for a moment. Someone please

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This is just too funny.   At the beginning of the year, President Barack Obama’s new 501(c)4 political nonprofit, Organizing For Action, was launched with all the usual bells and whistles. But the tech wizards at OFA forgot one important rule in today’s Internet world: Register all the iterations of your website address before someone

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February 23, 1945

February 23, 1945, Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima. A split second of the lives of five Marines and one Navy Corpsman are captured for eternity, and raise the  spirits of a war-weary nation. The photo captures not only the ascendancy of the United States and the valor of the American warrior, but the ethos of the

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What’s on your Google ?

Google – We all use it  – don’t be shy admit it. It’s mysterious wonders and ability to find – well just about everything from home improvement tips to some of the most weird crap imaginable is pretty amazing. So being across the Pond – I’ve been watching old Google these past few days, and

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The Silver Lining To the Approaching Thunderstorm

The statists are in full bore tyrant mode with state legislators proposing everything from warrant-less house checks on future to be registered “assault weapons” owners, to preventing free speech anonymity.  But there is a sliver lining to it all. A couple actually. Back in ’94 during the debate on the “assault weapons” ban, the left

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Yes! Yes! We Need More Representatives Like This Guy

One of the things that I’m coming to detest more and more about living in South Florida is that liberal yankees move down here and want to change our little paradise to the same statist hell they left behind. Well it would seem that Florida is not alone in suffering this cancerous growth of out

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Bill of Rights, Not Needs.

Came across this via Irish Dragon. It’s so well written any comment from me would be a waste of breath. Need? We need not justify. When asked what I do for a living I reply: I teach people how to shoot people. I teach people how to shoot people because some people need to be

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And To All of You ProgNazi Democrat Fucks

…yammering about how you “don’t really need a gun because most people never find themselves in a position where they could have used it”, here’s a thought: (Yes, we know. “thought”. How fucking scary is THAT to a brain-washed drone of the Nanny State?) Most people don’t have their houses burned down by freak lightning,

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Certifiable Dunce In Tears Upon Learning Shocking News that Jews Have Been Persecuted

Comrade Barack Frankovich Obama’s latest attempted acquisition to form a cabinet entirely made up of idiots more idiotic than his unholy, incompetent, stuttering clusterfuck self (not an easy job when you’ve already set the bar so low it takes an experienced team of diggers to get under it), Chuck Incitatus Hagel, was reportedly in tears

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