Articles from January 2013

Thank you all and God Bless you all

All, I am humbled beyond words of this tribe that Misha (Bless you my Liege) has created.  They say that miracles happen when your not looking and in the places you would never think of. This will be money that frugally husband and spent wisely.  This get us out from under the water and able to dog paddle. Special thanks to all of you

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Pray for us

From NORTH and West Queensland faces severe fire danger, with an outback heatwave predicted in coming days.Birdsville is tipped to peak above 46 degrees, with locals warned to stay indoors at the peak of the heat to escape extreme conditions. Queensland Fire and Rescue Service officials have issued the severe fire danger warning for

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Coffee and Guns

Enjoying my day off by planning to go to work for a few hours of overtime LOL. Sipping coffee and exercising my 2nd Amendment rights by purchasing a shotgun online. No, it’s not an “anonymous Internet purchase”, the gun will be shipped to the licensed dealer of my choice for pickup, as required by law.

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A Brother Needs Our Help

Hey pups, we’ve got a brother in need. Light29ID has run into a rough spot. To summarize, he’s been unemployed since 2009 and supporting his 84 year old blind mother as best as he can. He’s run into some trouble with his bank and his account is frozen until he can square it with them.

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The Judge Speaks

And as usual he nails it in an orgasm inducing display of literary brilliance, Constitutionality, and… well just read it for yourselves. And then spread it to everyone you know.  Judge Napolitano is the Thomas Jefferson of our day.

Emperor Misha’s Status

For those of you who have been worried, rest at ease, Our Esteemed Vileness is alive and well. I too was getting concerned when my emails and phone calls went unanswered, but just as I was reading The Imperial Mother’s comment that Misha was down with a bug my phone rang and a very sickly

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So it begins. The last one cost 620,000, wonder how many this time…

These fuckers are out of the closet, naked and trying to stick it up our asses without even pretending anymore, from Drudge. HIGH NOON: SHERIFF BIDEN, NRA SHOWDOWN… ‘The president is going to act’… BANG BANG: CUOMO TO ANNOUNCE SWEEPING GUN LAWS… Iowa lawmaker calls for confiscation… CT lawmaker calls for background checks to buy

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Time’s Up?

The Gadsden Flag was our first national battle flag, and for awhile it was our fist national ensign. A variation of it flew from the few Continental Navy ships that dared to challenge His Majesty’s fleet on the high seas, and it was also the first flag of the Marine Corps. It has a unique

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Mike M In Memorium

Mike McPhee was laid to rest today in Willamette National Cemetery in Portland Oregon. To us here at the Rott he was a long time LC and a prolific commenter who had a common sense insight, high intellect, and a straight forward way of making his point known. To me personally he was a dear

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of Blankets and Miscalculations

Lately I’ve been re-reading some history, the Decline and Fall the Roman Empire by Gibbon, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by Shirer and A World at Arms by Keegan and I’ve noticed some things.  Man is a clinger, bitter or not.  Man clings to beliefs that comfort him and give him solace

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