Articles from December 2012

Mike M Funeral Arrangements Update

I’ve been advised that Mike M’s funeral will be held Thursday January 3rd. If there are any Rotties in the Portland area that would like to pay their respects please email me and I will provide you the location and time. In lieu of flowers Mike’s wife has requested that donations be made to the

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Meanwhile, Peace Reigns Supreme in Gun Free Chicago

Or not, as the case might be. (h/t Larwyn’s Linx) Chicago reached “a tragic number” today, according to Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy: Its homicide total for the year hit 500, the highest annual total since 2008. How can that be? Not only are criminals not allowed to own guns in Chicago, nobody else is either.

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Bitch, PLEASE!

So this is what Dianne “Hitler” Feinschwein has been cooking up while dancing in the blood of Connecticut kindergarteners (thanks, LC Ginghis, for letting us know). No, it’s not “just” a re-enactment of the utterly ineffectual and even more utterly un-Constitutional “scary weapons ban”, it goes so, so much further.

God’s Speed Brother

LC Rurik just called me and it is with an indescribable sadness that I must tell you that our beloved Mike M has left this world and taken his post in Heaven. Unknown to me he had been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive lung cancer in August. On Friday he was told that it had

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We LOL’ed

That is to say, it would be a whole lot funnier if it weren’t TRUE. Thatisall.

Will Nobody Stop Those Crazed, Gun Nut Scofflaws? (UPDATED)

In the media, we mean, such as known scofflaw David Gregory who enjoys haranguing law-abiding gun owners while waving around 30 round AR-15 mags on his show in a very menacing fashion indeed. ILLEGAL 30 round magazines, the mere possession of which will give you up to $1,000 in fines and a year in the

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Merry Christmas

“Glory to God in the Highest and Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will.” [youtube][/youtube] May the blessings of Christ be with you all my dear friends on this the day we celebrate the greatest gift ever given,  God made man for the redemption of our souls. From the entire crunchie family, Merry Christmas.

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Could Weepy Boner Be On His Way Out?

His Imperial Majesty very much doubts it, no matter how rampant the speculation is after his latest attempt to give Ogabe a bit of what he wants instead of the full 100% failed miserably. We’re quite relieved, actually, because if he hadn’t failed, we would have heard no end of the orange freak’s claims that

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What? We’re Still Here? Open Thread

We guess that means that we’re going to have to pay back those loans we took out all of December. Anybody spot us a few mil? Thatisall.

Aurora, Connecticut..and video games

I’ll keep this short, just watch.

Get Well, Hillary

We realize that Hillary Clinton won’t be testifying today because she had one too many and fell off her broom. According to her “doctors”, that is. She’s allegedly going to testify some time in January when things have died down, er, she’s gotten better, at which point it will be largely irrelevant since half a

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Thursday Open Thread

Since we keep being told that we don’t have enough of those and, well, you have a point. We’re having too much fun being pithy on Teh Twitter right now (@EmperorMisha), annoying the multitudes with snarky shit, although we still don’t see how <140 characters can ever be a useful means of communicating. Oh well,

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In Other Unsurprising News: Self-Serving, Opportunist, Narcissist Politician “Evolves” in Order to Stay Viable in Politics

And we’re not talking about Barack Hussein the Blight Bringer, we’re talking about that wonderful “half a loaf is better than none” vanguard for conservatism in Taxatwoshits, Scott Brown, who has suddenly discovered that disarming victims is the perfect way to protect said victims against violence. Although he once said banning so-called assault weapons fell

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Darn’ Tootin’, Governor!

And another shout-out to the governor of the fine state in which we live, governor Perry, who knows what’s what and what works: Perry drew a round of applause when he talked about Harrold, Texas, a community that lets teachers and administrators who are properly permitted and trained to carry weapons on campus. He said

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Just Shut The Fuck Up, Allahpundit

We’ve defended the guy in the past because, even though we often don’t agree with him, we enjoy his writing style. But seriously, when he puts out ignorant shit like this, we just can’t look the other way: Exit question: Why do gun manufacturers continue to make guns that look like military weapons even though

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