Articles from October 2012

Late Night Ruminations

So, that massive early voter turnout advantage that the BlightBringer’s campaign (and Nate Silver, but we repeat ourself) is constantly babbling about to shore up their troops? Yeah, about that. Romney up 52-45 among early voters? Excuse us, but wasn’t that the impregnable bulwark of insuperable superiority behind which the Obungles Junta was going to

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I Think We Have A Winner !!

I do think we have a winner for the vilest ad in the Election 2012 campaign. We all know that historians will paint this election as one of the dirtiest in history (assuming the historians aren’t proggies), and we’ve seem some astounding smears, false allegations and you name it from the left, to save their

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A Rising Bard Among Us

Apparently someone in the Kennel fancies himself a writer. No, not of any of your usual suspects among us barely literate sometimes wordsmiths (otherwise known as The Management™ ), but a real honest to goodness published author.  A neophyte author perhaps, but an author nonetheless. I am speaking of our own warrior poet, Irish Dragon,

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Stay Safe!

As Hurricane Sandy gets ready to make landfall, we want to offer our prayers to all of those in harm’s way, whoever you might be. Seek higher ground, preferably out of the danger zone entirely, don’t be idiots and think you can “ride this one out” (there are no merit badges for terminal stupidity), hunker

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Looking Better and Better

And now for your daily Anti-Doom-And-Gloom dose: Barring the October Surprise to End All October Surprises, and we don’t really see that happening considering how the Obumbles Junta is flailing ever more desperately at straws while the whole Benghazi Murder is certainly not going to get any less damaging for him and his blood-stained paws,

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Digging Ever Deeper

No, we’re not putting this up here to make you projectile vomit, although the reaction would be understandable, we’re putting it up here to show you just how flipping desperate the Ogabe Campaign is getting, urging young women to vote for Teh One™ because it’s like, you know, your first time, having sex with the

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I’m Fucking Livid

If you take a look around the intertubes or on TV right now (2118 CT) you’ll be hard pressed to find any breaking information about the ongoing disaster in Benghazi. The latest information is that CIA Director Gen. Petraeus has categorically denied that no such order to ‘stand down’ during the attack originated from any

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Okay Rotties: call it

I’d ask that each Rottie post their gut call for November. Mitt or Barry, over to you. Post reasons and any theories. this isn’t a “how will you vote”, I’d like to ask a realistic gut call on how this will go down. We’ve all seen the poll models, and they swing so far and

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A Bumper Crop of Fail

Maybe its the pressure of actually having to do something resembling work. Or the campaign’s belated realization that Obama’s best debate performance of the season was against Clint Eastwood at the RNC. Whatever the cause, in the last several days, Der Fubar’s re-coronation campaign has managed to shoot almost all of its toes off. Here

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For The Zoomies…

well grunts will appreciate this too. An oldie that I “rediscovered”, What the captain means… [youtube][/youtube]  

“We also have fewer horses and bayonets.”

That was Ogabe’s response, in his usual arrogant and condescending tone, to the fact that we are downsizing our fleet to the lowest levels since WWI. He used what he thought, in his militarily ignorant mind, were ancient and obsolete tools of war. Well you know what King Narcissus of the Dumbo Ears?

Obama, Idiot

Enough has been said about whiny Obam-bam’s comment regarding the evolution of our military since 1916 and the obvious inaccuracies and downright lies in there, but we just wanted to add this: Here is his snarky, condescending comment in full: “We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these

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President Romney

Just a quick thought thrown out there because I keep hearing the old “yeah sure, but Mitt is a flip-flopper and he’s not nearly principled enough to save the republic, so why eat the shit sandwich?” You know what? I hear you. You’re right. He’s a pragmatist or, as we say in the corporate world

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Election Looking Good, Isn’t It?

Which is great, considering that it’s only two weeks away. Yes, we got the highlights from tonight’s debate (but only the highlights as we were otherwise occupied) and yes, we too would have liked to see Romney go all Scipio Aemilianus on Obunghole’s worthless arse, but we can’t say that we disagree with his approach.

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Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

Well, not the first two actually, at least not as far as I know. I really hate doing this, particularly since I haven’t really been earning my keep around here lately, but it looks like things in the Empire have reached the point where I have to have a fundraiser in order to keep the

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